Now using Spidey/Magneto.. tips on how to impliment a laser assist to spideys neutral game?

im painfully new to beam assists…<br><br>for now i like to call it during web ball for some added durability and it helps with the start up and i can soemtimes confirm after canceling web ball into zipline+H,S [land] “combos”… but i dont know much else i can use it for besides pressuring between block strings… and even then i dont know when to call him in without getting happy birthday’d… <br><br>i suppose i can find out on my own but it wouldnt hurt to ask for pointers before losing 30 games straight<br><br>>>thanks <br><br>and before anyone asks the team is obviously Spider-man, Magneto, Doom (but i use magz on point for now to get him up to speed)<br>