Now what?


Hello again SRK forums, I made a post a few weeks ago about me just picking up ultra and it being the 1st fighting game i have played. After getting great advice and practicing a lot with people i met online i feel like I have sort of got the hang of how the game is meant to be played and the over all “Flow” of the game if you could call it that.

But the problem i’m having right now is sticking with a character and improving or mastering them. At 1st i played juri and enjoyed it but i kept changing who i played and found other characters easier or more fun but right now im stuck.

I do like more of a rush down play style but im still not 100% sure of a play style id like to play? Atm i’m playing gouken and cody but i’m still not sure on who i should play so i can just keep improving rather then changing and starting from scratch, I know you guys can’t tell me who to play that’s my own choice but could you list some characters and maybe the different play styles they follow so i can read up and play them and see who i like?

I’m still very raw with the game but learn fast so id rather play a somewhat simply character with a simply game plan but i don’t mind if the character is somewhat hard to play, just means more practice.

thanks for reading and thank you for any advice you can give.


Just to clear things up; by “easier or more fun”, you mean in terms of how the actual character feels, or that it is so in relation to online matches? Above all, don’t fall into the trap of taking something for granted when matched up with similarly skilled people. It’s on the higher levels where you really figure out, how the character is in relation to the rest of the cast. It’s there, where he/she is properly torn apart and shows the real values and flaws of their design.

I say - simply go for the character whose tools you like because they identify with YOU. Not because they perhaps win you a couple rounds right NOW. But yes, it will take a while and you will have to experiment. Think about what you like and then ask yourself what you’re willing to sacrifice.

-Do I like to control space? Okay, need someone with good normals and/or fireballs. Which one do I prefer? Fireballs? Maybe Guile, Ryu, …? Or lean towards normals? Chun then? Can’t have best of both, and if I do, something else must suck, what is it and how does it affect me?
-Okay, but what about anti-airs? Do I want a DP at all costs? How does that limit my choices?
-Love rushdown? What kind of rushdown? Do I want to vortex people to death with Akuma? Or perhaps prefer to frametrap the hell out of them? And so on, and so on.

Oh, one important thing. Do not try to play a character differently than as it was designed. I saw your Juri thread, talking about how you use her as a rushdown character. It’s nice and all and you can do well until you’re around the intermediate level, however…No matter how hard you try, you will screw yourself over later. And it will be a damn HARD lesson. Misuse of tools provided leads to limiting your options (and advantageous situations in a matchup) severely. It’s just another, self-imposed layer of difficulty you don’t need.

But overall, it should be easier for you, since you don’t seem to have any semblance of character loyalty. Don’t worry and try more of them until one clicks. And the rest of them? They’re not a waste, they’re a valuable matchup experience when you fight them. So do your research.


If you want to get good stick with one character. If you want to mess around with multiple and if it’s fun for you, go ahead. I get bored all the time so I do swap around a lot for the heck of it.


I spent the whole day yesterday playing each of the cast testing their specials and so on and i think i like makoto. She’s very basic to understand but takes a bit of getting used too with her slow walk speed. i do like more of a rush down character but the problem i have right now is that people at my level of play just spam DP or fireball from full screen, so i try to play a reaction game. if they jump AA and try to stick normals out at the right spacing to try and whiff punish but online that doesn’t really seem to be a good idea, or maybe that’s just for my level or im doing it wrong

But i think im going to really stick with makoto, im reading The Rindoukan Bible and trying to learn us much as i can but its alitte slow, i guess makoto isn’t noob friendly but im having alot of fun with it.

thank you for your advice


I have a little bit of experience with makoto, and I can tell you that, at least at first, matches are gonna go one of two ways: You completely dominating and them being afraid to press buttons, or them “guessing” correctly and shutting you out. Makoto’s normals are really good, and if they DP a lot you can easily bait them with dashes and such. Overall, really fun character.


this is what i have been told, Shes high risk high reward character. I’m in the lab right now practicing her links (Most are 2 frame or 1 frame links) and i’m enjoying it a lot. :slight_smile:


She isn’t noob friendly at all. I personally think Makoto, Viper, and Gen are the hardest characters in the game to learn. (But that’s subjective of course)(keyword learn, so relax players of other characters) :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s going to be your biggest problem. Being new and wanting to rush that ish down…doesn’t really work. You need to know and respect defensive options before you can pressure people. DPs aren’t even that big of a deal. They’re easy to bait. Try and rush down one of the grapplers. It’s like playing russian roulette. lol


I’m enjoying her a lot right now, she is very hard to get a hang of but i enjoy the challenge of it and its very rewarding so ill stick with it :slight_smile: