Now whatcha really know bout that dirtySouth? La thread!


well it seems we need to have a new louisiana thread since saber had to go and renew his masculinity by running around and closing threads hes not even a moderator in. =/ hopefully this is just a temp thing when javier comes back can be straightend.
Summarize the message of Amos as it relates to three questions. (a) What sort of
wrongdoing does he criticize? (b) What does he say about the value of animal sacrifice
and cultic festivals? © What concrete disasters does he expect to befall the nation or king?
does anyone know what s been goin on with GameON?
who wants to start weekly 3s practice? are enough people interested? where are the MVC2 people how they doin?
people interested in showdown we should get together and talk about road plans early to make sure no one gets owned.
pcz to the old thread.:bluu: here it is btw:
the main arcades in this area are:

Dibbz, on veterans somewhere =P New Orleans La
namco arcade in Laff mall of acadiana LA
they happen every 3rd friday of the month
5$ entry

TheMrBryan (3:53:28 AM): my ties with louisiana business are now gone
TheMrBryan (3:53:30 AM): i shut down game on
The Mysterious N (3:56:52 AM): so it’s gone forever?
TheMrBryan (3:56:58 AM): yup
TheMrBryan (3:57:01 AM): ever and ever
The Mysterious N (3:57:06 AM): you’re serious?
TheMrBryan (3:57:10 AM): lol yeah
TheMrBryan (3:57:21 AM): most of the stuff is already gone from it
The Mysterious N (3:58:00 AM): why wasn’t i notified?
The Mysterious N (3:58:02 AM): lol
TheMrBryan (3:58:05 AM): lol
TheMrBryan (3:58:07 AM): i told a few people
TheMrBryan (3:58:18 AM): i doubt the majority cared though
TheMrBryan signed off at 4:03:35 AM.

I liked how he assumed we didn’t care. And the perfect 360s on the GGXX machine are wasted now. ;.;

hwyte howr

u know what fuck that dude pulling this pussy shit wiht us for almost a year.
i see him on the streets i spit on him shit, maybe if he didnt run his shit like a toddler and kept it open for more then 2 days a month people would come, people cared more than he didn he just didnt feel like doing jack shit being a lazy biznatch running only e buisness type shit. and whats with no notifications and no updates fuck that guy.

:lol: b.r. ofishaly ***3d

lmfao:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
thats prolly the funniest thing ive read in a long time. quality shit talk from mikeboy. nice, very nice. im not gonna go out and flame him but, he could have done a lil more to get ppl to come out and play. like better organized tourneys, more tourneys, timely joystick fixings, etc. but it was a nice arcade. im glad to hear game klub is still running strong.

and ill announce once again, northgate has the best arcade west of new orleans.:smiley:

Whoa…new thread…cool…I made first page.

Damn Mike…calm down.

:lol: :lol:

Lee owns :cool:

A time for rejoicing, a time for a celebration…We Win!!!

Er, Nick, u think u could get me a copy of the berserk manga? I have a friend that broke his unintentionally and I broke mine INTENTIONALLY so I can’t make him a copy of it… I hate to help a sinna out like this…but I guess this is the last favor that I’d be paying an old friend…so pleaaaaaaze?

Yep, Bryan shut it down…saw em at a random trip to celebration station…

Jeremiah…it shall be done. Lol @ mike…I don’t know much about running a business so I won’t criticize…he tried at least…doesn’t that count?…apparently not…now it looks like we’ll have to find another place to play games. SO BE IT! Lee’s apartment works for me…

ANy B.R players going to SOuthwest regionals?

Nick’s apartment works for me…:confused:

brydon get on AIM or something…

I leave for 2 weeks and this all this happens… tsst tsst What happen to the Mvc2 machine and 3s machine i woulda glady bought one of those

Yay! Let me no dude, I’ll meet ya wherever…on second thought…let me know when they’re are finished and how I can go about obtaining them.

Random Scripture:

11 Woe to those who rise early in the morning to run after their drinks, who stay up late at night till they are inflamed with wine. 12 They have harps and lyres at their banquets, tambourines and flutes and wine, but they have no regard for the deeds of the Lord, no respect for the work of his hands.

Isaiah 5:11&12

very sneaky… people closing down threads when you dont get on for a day… game on close down too… i suspected as much seeing as how no one goes there becuz that deusch bryan will shit on your gas tank and not care that you came to waste money but he was randomly closed with no heads up on that shit. anyway… GGI vids just made it to the internet and i downloaded one… its lookin kinda tight and it seems that venom will most definitely be top tier and maybe ky or venom will also be ttop tier… someone tell me what you think

check the vids out at this site

its the boss battle with two japanese scrubs playing anji and testament… watch that anji player do shin nishiki the entire match… lmao gangster

EDIT* lol stone… too good (i just read your last post on the old thread) i hope i wont suck so much next time… its just that i get nervous when playing people im not used to because mike talks like your a god at ggxx so i think like “oh my gosh im playing the most gangster xx player in the world”…

BTW how do the japanese pull off the one hit ensengas?

today is a sad day, not only cuz im gonna lose my marvel comp but because ill lose my job.:frowning: i found out the worse news ive recieved since i moved out here…

**alladins castle in the northgate mall will be closing down on january 31st for good. yep. im destroyed:( **

i wanna play 3s at anywhere but gameklub.

Too bad Peter and I couldn’t pay you to play with us back then…

man all im saying its time to ban shit otgether and form some form of unit people are falling off, now arcades are almost gone outside of NO we need to revitalize the scene. hell week practices at someones house or something , devercify into other hsit than JUST mvc2. keep space port open all that shit mayn.
hell i wouldnt mind chipping in on some boards if not whole cabs that that cock bandit bryan has mainly a3 and 3s.|66%3A2|65%3A1|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14