*Now with Video!* Custom Sanwa/Vewlix sticks ready for sale


**As of Friday March 13th, I am taking payments/orders on these, I will get to them on a first paid first shipped basis… and I will cap order queue to 5. **


Hi guys,
Here’s the lowdown.

I will be producing custom sticks, where people do not have to wait weeks or months at a time to get their order. In fact, every stick will be made in advance and shipped within a week of payment.

They will NOT be made to order. All sticks will be exactly the same, yet they will be very clean and very attractive.

These sticks will all feature Dark-Hai Sanwa buttons and Dark-Hai Sanwa JLFs with a shaft cover set.

The artwork will be a copy of the Vewlix red/white layout designed by myself and ordered as prints from a prominent and professional printing company on metallic photo paper.

The case itself will be a simple rectangular prism with no contour or bevels, a sleek natural wood color with a lacquer finish. It stands just under 2 inches tall including plexiglass for a sleek look.

Inside will be microsoft branded controllers, either wired or wireless, for the 360 or PC.
I will also offer a PS3 version for the same price which will feature a Cthulhu board inside.
The total price will be 235 dollars. **

My goal was to design and plan the production of a very simple stick, nothing fancy, but still attractive and high quality; and to do this all at an inexpensive price point with little to no wait time on orders. I think I can promise something like that today and that is why I am ready to make this thread.

Images and more information will be released over the next week or so; in the meantime I would appreciate some feedback.

Update guys* I decided I am going to bend the rule about only Dark Hai buttons/sticks and I ordered some colors and buttons I thought would fit well with the scheme today. I will have these in stock when making the sticks and you can choose from them, however, some of them I only have a set enough to make one stick for.


Put me on the list for the first one to be made. 360 for the console and the money can be in your hand anytime.


word, 2 weeks for tax return and I might have to jump on this. for xbox360


add me on the list as I said on your PM :slight_smile:


Will you still be doing those 360 PCB hack service?


Hehe, write it off as a ‘business expense’.



add me to the list pending pictures.


Put me on the list aswell.


Put me on the list, also. This idea is great.

Question: How is deal in putting in your own artwork? Also, when will we be seeing a prototype or the actual build?

Thanks man, this contribution to SRK is great, I like the idea very much.


Prototype some time in the next 7ish days, open to orders immediately following that.

You can put in your own artwork like with any other stick, buttons need to be removed first, joystick can stay in place. The buttons will be attached by quick disconnects so no soldering required for that. I will probably fudge my rule about no custom requests a little bit and set a price for custom artwork in the future.


pm’d … some questions were answered in the first post (didn’t read before I sent it).

Any chance of just ordering a case?


Sounds like a great idea, but personally, I’d keep it to the artwork only. Gotta keep the production rolling smoothly, yanno? But artwork is fine, thx for the prompt response.

Hype! This man deserves rep.


agreed. I myself I would if I could. Can’t wait to see pics.


Dual PCB possible?

Edit: PS3 and 360 functionality.


will you be selling just empty cases? let me know


I’d be interested in this. List me pending the pictures.


Taking myself off the list.


Please add me to the list. I’m local in 805 - do you allow pickup and how much is it without shipping?

I know you are offering a PCB service, so will you offer Dual-PCB on this too and if so, how much extra?

Is this a 6-button or an 8-button stick? If 8-button, will the layout be HRAP Full (like the SF4 TE’s) or HRAP 1P sanwa layout (like HRAP SAs)? At the moment, I think there is high demand for the 8 button SF4 TE-layout buttons.

Thanks for fielding the Q’s :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

Dual pcbs - not at launch, very likely in the future though
6 buttons, not 8 buttons. Vewlix layout minus the 7th button
Empty cases, same deal as dual pcbs, eventually maybe, but not in the next two weeks.


This could be interesting since my TE sticks got back-ordered. I’m interested in pictures.