Now you've done it, Abel forums



painbow.jpg picture by Flushes - Photobucket

My girlfriend drew this. I forget who coined it, but you know who you are.


Damn that’s pretty nice.

I think it was either HAV or hfz that came up with that term.


nope. not me. probably sakeido.

oh and yeah thats a pretty nice drawing.


yes! that was totally me.
sweet pic, new desktop


thatd be a sick avatar… hmm


hey, what do ya know… you are right :lol:


I see what you did thar Õ^Õ lol

Not to be picky, especially considering that credit has already been given to a point, however I would prefer if you used my sn instead of just Flushes’s GF. I’m really sorry! Just a bit anal when it comes to my art. x_x


sorry, just didn’t know your actual name. I was goin to shoot Flushes a PM asking him pretty quick here actually cuz “Flushes’s gf” just seemed tacky. Awesome drawing!


Aha no worries, I understand.
I must admit, I’m kind of flattered (and rather shocked) that someone actually likes my corel painter scribbles lol.


can i haz one with a color #7 abel? lol


haha nice drawing. :tup:


nice drawing from your gf props!