Nrografix: taking 5 av requests


checkt it, doin 5 (no more that that, sorry)
i can do most styles, so just tell me what you want and ill do it as long as it adheres to these few 'tings:

Un.) **NO ANIMATION ** i suck at that and i dont wanna crap up any avs with an attempt at pimp animation

Deux.) try, TRY to limit to one character/person/sprite per avatar, team avs are soooo p00 but if you MUST have one i could make a few exceptions

Trois.) provide the pics, i cant stress that enough…please provide the pics

and thats it, request away if you wish

patiently waits for thread to die

** PICKUP **

  1. DragonGod

  1. s.a.m.

  1. iceman212

  1. nokio4

  1. orochi kobun



  1. Pungza
    comming soon


tumblebeer rolls by


That’s my line :frowning:


/me hands Mike a cookie



those pesky fuckin tumbleweeds…i thought i told SRK to get their groundskeeper to get rid of those fuckin things, they fuck up my sinuses :mad:


yo let me get a hot av of magnus with some cool powers coming from his hands and eyes


hey can u make me a nice sasuke(from naruto) av please, it would be very helpful



@DragonGod: ok will do

@iceman: i dont watch that show, is there any way you could provide me some pics??


Trois dude, trois.


TG: GAH… my spelling in french is rusty as hell, can still speak it, just havent had to write it in for eva…merci

Dragon god: pickup, first post


hey is there anyway i could get a kabal AV from mortal kombat,with my name at the bottom of it in red bloody letters:confused:

And can i get it to flash like everyone else does,i like the coll blinking effect.

here goes the back ground for it.


and heres the gif for it,hope ya can do


nokio2: umm sorry man as i said in the first post i dont do animation, but if you would like me to do it without animation ill give it a shot, but if you really want that animation then i sugest moving your request to another thread


go go go!1!


OK this might be a little hard but I really like your stuff so here it is.
Can you take my current avatar keep the same concept but make it all techy and airbrushed. If you cant keep it flashing like it is flashing right now its ok I will take it back to AsianDemon and have him make it flash (if thats possible).

Heres the links to the two pictures in my avatar, and I also have my current avatar attached incase you need it.


I will understand if you cant do it.


S.A.M: sure thing, ill get on it




its on the first post, hope you like it, and if asian demon needs the .psd to make it flash like you want, i got that too

3 spots left, the other two peeps that requested get back to me w/ the necessary info or else its a no go


hey man…with out animation is just fine,i just want a new AV


nokio4: ok man, then ill do it for ya, just wanted to make sure you were cool with the no animation thing