NSB x NSB Online Event July 23rd (Japan Time) [Big Event]

So, Nagoya Street Battle x Niconico Stream Battle is holding an online tournament on July 23rd(Saturday) starting from 1pm till 9pm (Japan Time)

The winner of this tournament will get a spot for the next Godsgarden event(GG4 20th August 2011)

Entries are already closed. Total of 377 entries. You can see the entries and comments here and here.

There are quite a number of known top players joining although a few of them might be impostors lol but yeah, I think players like tonpy, chichimondahonda, KojiKOG, momochi(people are sayin this might not be true, but who knows)… and with a total of 367 entries, its a pretty big tournament.

Anyway, I’ll just list a few links below:

FB event page

Event info and block stream url (in Japanese though)

Main Stream

That is momochi’s PSN id.

Good luck.

Pools/Blocks have been released.

I’m in B block… 2 Yuns, and quite a lot of people from Hokkaido(pretty far from where im at), hopefully the lag wont be so bad LOL

Gotta go to bed soon, wake up early and train lol

You still runnin Abel? Good luck, looks like it’ll be tough. I’ll have to try an catch this on stream.

good luck HFX.

thanks yall. I’m going to face a Cody first and then either dictator or guile(hopefully guile LOL)

brackets can be found here

Too many screens at once, I can’t follow all of them lolol

lol so i won my first round 2-1 vs cody and lost the next vs guile 0-2… sad

anyway, each block has their own stream but on niconico

oh man a lot of close matches… that claw beatin chichimonda dictator…

i think hes going to losers though…

So what happened with the tournament? Is it over already?

nope, now theyre doing Losers using tournament mode

12 winners of each block + 4 players from losers

goddamn srk is messed up lol

theyre running tournament mode twice, and 1st n 2nd place for both tournament makes it to the next round

Thanks for clarifying this, had the same question.

top 16

Aブロック代表 milk0118"豪鬼 Akuma"
Bブロック代表 zubonc"アドン Adon"
Cブロック代表 nico2TENSHI"バルログ Vega(Claw)“
Dブロック代表 yellow_1986"ザンギエフ Zangief"
Eブロック代表 ro-zutukaidesu"ローズ Rose"
Fブロック代表 egu1127"ベガ M.Bison(Dictator)“
Gブロック代表 momokamo"ユン Yung” <— momochi
Hブロック代表 Dogenzakaue"まこと Makoto” <— shiro
Iブロック代表 acqua0316ps"ヤン Yan"
Jブロック代表 koujiKOG4010"ホーク T.Hawk"
Kブロック代表 aponstick"豪鬼 Akuma"
Lブロック代表 gatikun"サガット Sagat"
JUN-HAZURE "豪鬼 Akuma"
katsuo0423 "ユン Yung"
meso0616 "いぶき Ibuki"
K_Camirico “セス Seth”

wtf srk server error

Top 16

AQCUA (yang) vs milk0118 (gouki) 2-0

Momochi (yun) vs koujiKOG (Hawk) 2-0

Momochi destroyed koujiKOG’s thawk its not even funny…

He even perfected him lol…Definitely not a “bad” matchup

Katsuo (yun/sagat) vs Meso0616(ibuki) 2-1

Katsuo’s Yun got owned by ibuki and he switched to sagat and owned ibuki lol

yellow1986 (gief) vs ro-zutukaidesu (Rose) 2-1

kuma (vega) vs nico2TENSHI (claw) 0-2

beast claw player played the matchup perfectly lol

kuma said that his matches were pretty laggy…

That Seth is pretty good.

JUN HAZURE(gouki) vs zubonc (adon) 0-2

aponstick (gouki) vs k_camirico (seth) 1-2


Momochi is too beast. He’s winning this :\