NSJ: aRe yoU Blocking mY roundhouse?

Aight guys, this is the newest NSJ thread that will represent for the new gaming season. Lost of things have gone down this year, and NSJ has been able to strongly represent. This intro is not to focus on our gaming history as team NSJ, instead, an intro as to how we have been able to evolve as a group of friends.

The dopeness of this team has enabled us to develop friendships with one another that probably would not have been possible without gaming in general. Well, I take that back, I know that certain people would have met each other at certain clubs, but those people would have been living totally different lives right now. Through gaming, we have been able to challenge ourselves, and develop a friendship that has developed really strong. In fact, although it is probably unsaid, but it is known that we all have each others back when shit goes down. Heck, I know I got all your backs if shit goes down, dont matter how long I have known you.

The team has a really unique quality to it, and I can guarantee everyone that when Josh, Mike, Croe, and Jeremy had conceived of NSJ, they would not have imagined it staying together this long. When I rolled into NSJ unannounced, I though didnt expect it to stay together as long as it has. Shit, where else can you find a team named National Society of Jerks, and at the same time really diverse with culture? Shit, I have been through a lot over the past 4 years since I have met the first NSJ members, and my life has changed in a positive direction. Whether or not other members feel the same, that is up to them. One thing is for sure though, without gaming, NSJ probable would never have developed.

As for the future of NSJ, I see this shit staying strong in the coming years. Who knows what will happen after Evolution. Either gaming will die, or it will only get better. Whatever happens, I believe that NSJ would stay together, and move into a new direction (whatever that may be). Our youngest member of the group seems to be strongly influenced by gaming, primarily marvel. Reset Seems to be the future of our gaming division, as us O.G. members develop arthritis, and are unable to perform DPs from either side of the machine. Little Reset may be young, but he is the cockiest mother fucker that has ever entered NSJ (well, second to Heath). Hopefully within a few years, Reset will be able to represent more, as he turns of age ?. Fucker! J/K.

Back to the thoughts. I remember tons of shit that has stuck in my mind over the years. Everything from the ups (good times in Norcal, and the stories from Midwest), to the downs (Girl issues within the group, ::ahem:: the beach ::ahem::slight_smile: over the years. So many memories have been formed at late night Dennys, Mikes numerous B-days in one year, shit, even 1 month. A couple of first for various individuals. Among those first, spending $80 and not having nothing to show for it the next day (well, the scent remained. If you know what mean fellas:::points to the three individuals that night:::). Good times is what this team is all about. Shit, still laugh on occasion when I went to Joshs house one day, and his dad answered the door saying that he didnt need his lawn cut! LOL. Shit will remain a with me for the rest of my life, so many fucking memories. Without my homie Alex, I would not have been seeking the best Los Angeles restaurants to eat at. Faggot, I eat out too much! John, Hung, you foos are too dope. I prolly wouldnt have met you too without gaming. The people that compose NSJ, as well as those on the outside who have helped shape the group, this shit wouldnt be what it is today without the different backgrounds that we bring.

Ill cut this shit short, and end it here. NSJ is here to stay, and whether or not we continue to game after Evo, we will continue to represent at every major food place down the 10 and 60 freeways respectively, as well as hit up the clubs within the general area. If I didnt mention your name, its not because I am trying to diss you, its because I am writing whatever is coming to my mind as a type. Like I said earlier, I got everyones back equally, NSJ or not, and as a crew, well continue to hold it down.

Good luck at Evo guys, keep NSJ on the map!!!

Here’s where our last thread ended, please disregard the old thread, and lets use the new one.

That post was beautiful Chris

hey ace, can you see the “hidden Message” in the title?


Well said Chris. That message is hilarious. Cal Poly tracking device enabled.

The Original Magnus!

Evo is just around the corner… time to go 0-2 in the name of NSJ. :party:

Magnus, your post brings tears to my eyes… :sad:…haha. I hope everyone is ready for evo. Good luck to everyone and see you guys there!!!


Nice post ‘Chris’. See you at EVO. :pleased:

Very nicely done mags, you always have a way with words. Must be why the ladies love you??? Or may be its the cologne? Any whos Force ill give you a ride next time, more notice pls! <3 to everyone ditto mags post.
side note: anyone need a place 2 stay for evo?
beem me up!

josh can you get jon, hang and sirbryan together and come out here by 3 or 4??

directions - 60 east exit main, left onto main, right on columbia, left on clark st

if you get lost just call me 951 775 7095

crazy, u going to evo dank?

allen: how big is the house we’re staying at?

only 5 more days till EVO!!!~! there also gonna show bang the machine and the new alpha anime on friday night! :party:

I don’t know how to describe it, but I think its big enough that you can all sleep pretty freely with your sleeping bags. Lol… I don’t know who will get the beds first, but make sure to bring your own sleeping gear. I only remember 3 beds and 2 couches. My friend is going to take I assume the master bedroom. But the other room is pretty big. I remember it being pretty big… 2 floors empty house.

I told yer ass to try the damn cheeseburger…

Ya, ima go to evo, seting up for Club vegas hotel lil off the strip pretty low price just trying to get another head or 2 in there for more of a price cut. only got like 3 ppl so far. its like 39,67,67 thurs-sat line up.

edit: l33t 2nd pageness

i’m sorta feeling console today… mike, ace? hit me up on the celly if anybody is interested… hopefully ill be awake. >XD

drivers get beds

ok i have a way to evo but coming back is a big problem for me since ducvader is staying until the 16th, unfortunatly my junior college classes start at night on the 15th so plzzz help me plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz thank you :confused: :confused: :confused:


new avatar

new location

new avatar is actually my old avatar that came out of retirement

I will continue to post in the old thread to keep it more updated than this one.