You named two of them. lol
I’ve seen A-Groove Rock, and Terry’s got some cool shit with his rising tackle.

Iori, Kyo, Gouki, Blanka, Rolento, etc.

Every A-Groove character can be offensive with full meter, lol. Bison being the biggest offender

Gouki’s combo is sick.

for whatever reason I can’t play Sakura and Vega on the same day…
its like I’m smooth with one’s CC and it fucks with the other one’s.
Vega’s is easier for me in general, how different is the dp rhythm?
I’m guessing its the 1 hit difference in the two.
anyone else have this issue?

Typically ‘offensive’ characters can vary from player to player, but Rock is pretty solid in A. I’m a personal fan of Akuma if you can get around some of the weak points.

Off the top of my head: Iori, Cammy is solid but would lack a good 2 in 1 into super BUT she does gain a hit confirm into activation, Kyo, Sagat is solid

Trying to remember the cast off the top of my head is so difficult after all these years haha.

For Sakura’s DP CC, you have to get a smooth rhythm down. Somewhere in between fast as balls and slow as hell. Once you can get the timing down to the point where you’re able to get 4 hits of her DP and then buffer from toward to d/df, you want to follow that same rhythm.
It just comes down to practice and getting the right rhythm for you.