Ntr thread v1.0


Has anyone come across any good NTR as of recent, seems like the genre is dying because its been a while since I’ve had some good translated NTR to get into



I hate NTR and hope the genre dies.

With Love, Fakku.net. [z]nofuture.


sayuri no sato’s last chapter got translated recently so theres that

tsumihaha 2 is also only a few monthe old i think

also otona ni nari-tai by ueda yuu aka the best ntr doujin ever


sorry you cant handle doujins that dont do the same old nerd wish fulfillment fantasties


“you mean my imouto-chan wont really be mine forever irl?! guess ill always be a virgin” - average ntr hater


?_? My face.


“i guess i’ll always be a virgin” - average manga fan


actually ntr likers are real men + very virile


While we’re on the subject of favorite/really good NTR, I’ll look up my favorites and post back


The only NTR I like was the stuff done by Xration when she was in that phase.


Educating A New Wife is a pretty standard ntr read if you’re trying to get into it




what the fuck does NTR stand for?