Searched, didn’t quite see it…

Is there a boot disc or mod that allows one to play a Japan region (NTSC-J) PSX CD on a NTSC-U PS2? Its not burned; its a legitimate disc.

I figured my CD-ROM swap magic loader disc would work, but no dice.

The CD version of the swap magic is notorious for being unreliable. I use it but it works maybe 1 out of 20 tries if I’m lucky. You can chip mod your system to work, use google since that talk isn’t big around here, or just keep up with your cd swap magic and it will probably work eventually.

You could always get a modchip just like mentioned above.
If you’ve got some soldering skills, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.
I’ve installed two of them a few years back(one in a PAL PS2 and one in a NTSC-U)
Both system run NTSC-J PS1/2 games perfectly, as well as from other regions.

Yeah, I got a error saying ‘not a valid PS2 disc’. Granted my version of swap version is not newest.

In anycase I give it some more tries tonight; if not, I’ll try ordering a new recent version. My main fear was that swapmagic would not allow me able to boot NTSC-J PSX games on the PS2 but from what you’re saying thankfully it is; I’d rather not install a modchip if its not necessary.

thats because the cd version of swap magic is for PS2 CD’s ie the early gen of PS2 discs that werent dvdroms.

To play import psx games on your ps2 you need the disc called Breaker Pro. works great and boots all import discs and back-ups/copies

Ah ok, that makes sense. I’ll have to pick that up then.


Yeah I just ordered it from Modchipstore.com for 19.95.

Good stuff, now I can play Fighter’s Impact and enjoy the lolis in Asuka 120% Burning Fest Final.

Ever tried playing PS1 game on emulator?

For a variety of reasons, that’s not an option for me.

…are you using a ps2 slim?

did you try the double reset trick?

What is the double reset trick? Is it like the cd swap of a moving disc in the PS1?

No I’m using an old model PS2; simply removed the disc cover. Insert the boot disc, program loads, use the grappling tool to manually remove the disc tray, insert [import/burned game], boot program =viola.