nu avatar.


well since Asiandemon seems to have his hands full, i thought i would just make a new thread. alright, lets see…well the avatar i want, needs to have nu. Yea the character from chrono trigger. He is the highest of the highest. And i want the quote “all life ends and begins with nu”. I dunno if thats enough information or not, but If anyone wants to help me out, let me know. Oh and a magic tab in there would own.


Supply the images and it may get done quicker.


well i got the link to the page were it has a bunch of icons and stuff, if thats helpful.

All i really want is the picture of the nu and the quote “all life ends and begins with nu.” A kind of a blue theme to it also. ANd the chrono trigger banner would be pretty nice too. I hope this isnt too much.


here is a picture of nu.


forget it…just made it myself…


here you go:evil:


dude…thanks!!! Atleast someone was kind enough. I appreciate it, but my 3 minutes of effort wil not go to waste, so i will leave mine up for a while. Ill put yours up sometime this weekend.