Nü-metal alloy is stronger than steel, but can be molded like plastic

crazy talk!

Stronger Than Steel but Moldable as Plastic

Time to start building those Terminators

the question is…can i graft it to my bones…

Good question!

Crawling in my skin
These wounds they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real

Oh, we’re talking about actual metal.


I am pretty sure this article is about the Palladium alloy. They were writing about this a few months ago, and I doubt someone else found a cheaper metal in that timespan. The main use for it is in car windshields.

But the problem is it’s so ridiculously expensive. The article says it’s cheap to process but it doesn’t mention the price of the raw mats. Palladium is something like $800/oz or so.

I skimmed through the articles but I am pretty sure it’s that. I don’t see how this is cost efficient by any means. Maybe it’ll be used in military vehicles or robots or something, but it won’t affect the average person ever most likely.

Its too early to say what kind of cool new designs and technologies will arise out of this and whether or not it will affect the average person. If you look at history, typically the military will come up with cool new technology such as plastic or the internet, and it will take a decade or so before someone figures out how it can be used in the civilian sector. Sure, the cost of materials may be high, but there is a trickle down effect. Take the internet. Its expensive as hell to maintain the internet backbones; but the end user still reaps the benefit.

if it was blow molded at low temperatures then it melts like plastic too?

Is a majority of our steel usage low-end?

Or is it gg steel industry?