Nub Hakan Player Here



I have started playing as hakan for about 2 weeks now, there was all sorts of tips i wish i could of gotten from other hakan players. i had to look for replays or guides and im sure theres a lot more i could learn.

simple things like slide, wiff mp for a cross op, it seems like i should just do what some others do and use a lp and then try the cross over, because mp’s timing is way to strict.

I wiff HP for oil jump grab thingy lol should or could i use mp? or something else? maybe just eyeball it, and charge it assuming they won’t react in time.

i know baisics like to use hakans normals a lot, or learn how to fight without hakan being oiled.

anytips would be welcomed, also please excuse my pore grammar.

edit: i know that whiffing mp after body press is character specific, the people i saw whiffing lp would do it on someone that that requires a mp whiff, i actually just watched a video, and it turns out i think they move forward an inch and lp then jump, i guess i didnt know about that setup.


They aren’t using LP because it’s easier, they are using it because that setup is character specific.

Some characters require MP, some require LP, and some require a step back.

xLongshotx has recently posted a useful list for reference here


Why do I keep seeing new topics about the same thing lately??


oh i should of mentioned i know its character specific, but im pretty sure ive seen some decent hakans use lp always, even if its say a juri who requires a mp, i could be wrong though.

edit: just watched a video on it, it turns out they move forward an inch and lp so maybe thats what i was seeing.

edit2: i see why they do the walk forward lp, its is 50 times easier, thats my new setup.


so far only inf4my has attempted to give advice, apparently dontdodat and drew don’t like that people ask for advice on there character…

i guess all the things ive learned from other people on xbl are on this forum, though i looked… I couldn’t find a lot of the things i now know.