Nub in need of wisdom


I found the above UT-video during my search for a Programmable Xbox 360 Controller. Is this really possible or is this a rickroll dressed in tech pajamas?

If its really possible, could this be incorporated into a custom stick? How much trouble do you think it would be to do so?

Thx in adv

  1. Of course. Anything’s possible.
  2. Of course.
  3. Depends of your tech skill level. If you’re scared of a soldering iron, forget it.

Teach us how to do it Toodles! You are the master!

lmao it’s the same as if you were to shove that pic with wires into the 360 stick

except you get ALOT more room now

This sucks. I left PC gaming to get away from the cheaters and now console shooters are all rapidfire and programmable controllers.

Think I’m sticking to Fighters now.

DirtyLary if I was able, I’d just whoop a but the old fashioned way, but I have to play 1handed… The rapidfire and programmable options would allow me to do moves I couldn’t do otherwise. I would use these powers wisely I promise.

If I had a custom stick made I could probably get this put in Toodles?

There aren’t any ‘standard’ chips/code/layouts out there for programming. Most programmable controllers used regularly are special pad made my ASCII for just that reason. So whoever made your stick would have to how to make that kind of thing; Im sure there might be a few out there, but most of them would turn around and ask me. I could easily implement programmability into the UPCB, but I haven’t come up with a decent type of interface.

See, you have a stick, 6 or 8 play buttons, Start, Select, and let’s say we require a button specifically for programming. Using just those buttons and stick, how could we implement the possibility of record/playback without interfering with normal mash-intensive games?
-How would we enter ‘record/playback’ mode?
-How would we indicate to start real-time recording?
-How would we indicate to start frame-by-frame recording?
-How would we indicate which program to run (assuming there would be 4-6 ‘banks’ of programs to run)?
-How would we indicate to stop the programming?
-How would we exit record/playback mode?

Describe to me how to do those things using ONLY the stick, six buttons, start, select, and program, with no other feedback in or out.

And if you’re wanting to just make a ‘kara-RD’ or ‘RC-whatever’ button, then I can’t help. Record/playback should be for making combo videos, NOT to help those too lazy to practice to cheat.

I apologize if I pissed you off Toodles, it was not intended. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave answers to my questions.

Spinal cord damage forces me to play 1handed. I tell you this not to get pity, but to let you know I?m not trying to use Programmability to cheat because I?m too lazy to practice. I?m not trying to be Xbox Live?s number 1 player, or make the top 100, or even top 1000. I just want to do better than I can with my crappy Mad Catz Arcade Stick.

I understood some of your explanation? I think. If I want a programmable stick make my own or wait till one hits the market. Thank you for the wisdom.

Oh god no, I’m not pissed off. I just sound like a crotchety old bastard, well, because I’m a crotchety old bastard.

Is programmability possible? Oh hell yeah. I can make the UPCB sing and dance any which way anyone could want. I could make a kara-RD button, no problem. Its just a question of how someone would want it setup. Having a kara-RD button wouldn’t do someone any good if they changed over to Guilty Gear. The Halo mod you linked to had a PIC microcontroller inside the controller, and a cable to connect it to a PC; ever time he wanted it to behave differently, he had to reprogram it by connecting it to a PC. That’s pretty easy for me to implement on my stuff, but not elegant enough to make me happy. Someone should be able to setup that stuff on the fly without running programs on a PC. What I’ve been trying to get my head wrapped around is how to do that; how should the microcontroller realize ‘Hey, its time to setup some funky macros’?

Maybe we’re going about this backwards. Imagine your perfect stick, able to help you play with your disability. Form, function, describe everything. How would you tell it that now you wanted a kara-RD button, or something different? How would you map the buttons to do stuff, preferrably in a way that makes it usefull for more than one game?

Do a method similar to X-Arcades? I know for theirs it’s PC only at the moment, but you could have it so there is some onboard memory, and a switch so you can switch between settings, though that would still probably require the use of a PC in the first place. But better to connect it once in the beginning with alot of games, than every time you wanna change games.

Of course, easier said than done, so it’s really up to you.

For actual recording, or for button mapping? 'Cuz UPCB already has on the fly button mapping and turbo.

It ain’t a matter of my opinion; there’s gotta be a clean way of doing it, and I just can’t picture it in my head. I’m seriously looking for input on this.

i just picked up one of these the other day

basically i use it for vf5 since there is no record/playback in the training mode and its useful in practicing defense against blocked or evaded strings that you normally couldn’t practice against unless you have a human opponent.

but anyways i was thinking with a upcb if you had a button like select and maybe held it down for a few seconds it could switch into a record mode and pressing start would end the record mode and you could do a combination of select and say x/square/cirlce/triangle whatever would trigger the playback.

would suck for vf since select is the reset button in dojo. :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways just bouncing an idea to get other people thinking.

codyk also has also made a programmable controller but you have to program it through the computer.

Yeah now that you got me thinking about it hooking up to my laptop every time I changed games or characters would get annoying pretty quick. What about linking to something smaller like a PDA or something similar?