Nub looking for Advice and simple BnB

I just started playing this game yesturday, and im pretty bad, im used to SSF4 and i want to use Phoenix.

I need some tips for how to use her and what combo’s i should do, i checked the combo thread, but there all pretty hard and/or i don’t understand what there saying.

I just want a good combo that everyone tends to use, it can be hard, just not super advanced.

please no corner crap, im not good enough to notice there in a corner and change my combo up yet.

oh and i would like BnB for her normal form and her Dead form.

TLDR: want decent BnB/ advice on how to play her.

You’re going to have to give us a bit more information than “I’m not good at this game” if you want a skill-appropriate combo. I know some people who claim to “Not be good at this game” who kick my ass, and some who claim to be good who are total nubs.

As for advice on how to play her, avoid playing her at all costs until you have 5 bars/are very close to 5 bars. As such, she should probably be your anchor character. Whether you switch her in once you have 5 bars or wait until you have no characters left is a matter of taste, and many people argue over which is best. Once you have her out, it’s a thing of get-as-much-damage-off-as-you-can-before-you-die, which for a character with the lowest health in the game (nearly half of the second lowest health character), means running away and being a dick, usually super-jumping and spamming H-TK shot (the homing one). Of course, it also helps to get your combos in while you can, don’t just jump around the screen like your running from a seeking flare. It’s more like you stay ready to attack to keep them defensive as they try to get a hit off on you. If you don’t bother attacking at all, they can be a lot more aggressive, and this game rewards aggression. Just know what you’re doing.

That’s all I can tell you without risking being seriously wrong. You’re probably better off waiting for one of the more experienced players to post, I’m a bit of a nub myself.