Nub question, how do i keep command throwers off me?



I get in trouble with command throwers, i have a hard time keeping them at range.

also i’m still prety nub and need some advice on wake up…i heard there is invincibility in dashback on wake up, can someone explain a bit how this works?


Not much to explain. Dash has some frames of invincibility so if you do it when they input a command grab it will miss. If you get too predictable though your opponent will punish with a sweep. I recommend mixing it up between dashback and neutral jump H-punch if people are churning out reversal command grabs


thanks i’ll try to vary it up with the standing hp’s and see how that works!

appreciate it


Backdashing has some invincibility (strike I believe), but for sure it’s not the end all. Some grabs can grab you backdashing (i’m sure there’s a difference between the airborne and non-airborne backdashes). For example I’m pretty sure Abel’s TT can grab you in a backdash if you’re grounded (i.e. Dan).

Command grabs have five frame startup, you can throw them all (except abels regular TT), as well as cr.lp, st.lp etc. It’s probably best to recognize the spacing and do moves with long startup frames out of range (i.e. st.hp and If the timing’s off they can grab you during your recovery, but only if they input the move after you.


Sorry bro, this is a bit incorrect :p.

Gief’s command grabs are 2 frames. You can jump or backdash them.
Abel’s TT is 5 frames, but the regular version is throw invincible, and the EX version is hit invincible. It’s a 50-50 as to whether he has meter.

The main thing is to keep them out with pokes, especially st.lp.
The airborne frames in a backdash get grabbed by certain grabs. Izuna drop from Vega, Falling Sky from Abel etc.

To keep them off, out footsie them.


Thanks, was wondering about this myself. Good looking out.


yo fo’realz, whatcha talkin’ 'bout man?


Be a bit more specific guy.

And yes, command throws is a bit ambiguous, Thanks for clearing that up Dafro. I assumed you were referring to non-grappler command throwers like abel, honda, etc.


Can you explain why a crouch tech would lose to a regular TT if the crouch short is 3 frames and the TT is 5?