Nub (to the forum), not really to fighting games

Hey all!

Thought I’d FINALLY sign-up to start posting and contributing instead of just lurking. Just wanted to say “Hi” and introduce myself.

I love fighting games. Everything from Weaponlord, to Eternal Champions, to Killer Instinct, to the MK series, to the Soul Calibur, Tekken, and Virtua Fighter series, Even Smash Bros. and the TMNT fighting games. The only exceptions were Shaq-Fu, Rise of the Robots, and Way of the Warrior. lol

I’ve been a long-time Street Fighter player since SF2. My parents owned a laundromat at the time when SF2 just came out and had a SF2 arcade cabinet and some Bowling game (a la Golden Tee with the ball). I was hooked and spent as much time as possible at my parent’s business working and earning pay to play the game.

I even got to play those crazy modded/glitched versions of SF including Rainbow Edition and the Black Belt Edition.

I pretty much stopped playing fighting games once I graduated college and started working since I couldn’t keep up playing with my friends, let alone people from other states and/or online. I’d still purchase whatever games I could, even if I didn’t even really play them.

Now, after the EVO '10 tourney and watching the videos and talking with friends, I want to start playing again, so here I am.

Looking forward to learning some new tricks and stuff from you guys! (^.^)


If you’re really a post graduate and in the working field… please don’t post (^.^) like a 14 year old.

So if you were hooked you must have got really, really good at this bowling game with a trackball. Can you share with us some top tier strategies on this bowling game (a la Golden tee with the ball) I’d really love to be able to play that at a competitive level.! Thanks (^.^)

haha~ I’m Korean, so the whole emote and ~~~ thing is sort of wired in me (like our love for all things Starcraft).

I would if I could. All my gaming time at the shop was spent on SF2.

no manner post
pk u or giev soj @___@

Yeah, I’m not really to fighting games either.

I more to hockey these days.

I’m here for our rather large female population.

“Hi” to you too. General Discussion is not for the discussion of fighting games.

tppk u crai moar?


“Hi” to you too. General Discussion is not for the discussion of fighting games.

tppk u crai moar?


Well Glovegirl and Miss Darkness are close enough to women at least for most of us at SRK apparently:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I can show you piledriver;)

Wait, there’s a population of rather large females on srk and nobody told me? I love me some fat chicks


Some may call me a crazy conspiracy theorist, but I believe that a number of large females are hiding in our very ranks, masquerading as heavy-set nerdy men! Food for thought.

I always thought that Black Jesus was the “prison bitch” of SRK, isn’t that enough?

Aye, this is highly possible, and likely they’ll remain hidden due to certain… members.

<< chubby chaser in training.

Many a time I had to sacrifice for the greater good.

Korean with a laundromat?!

I’m questioning the whole SF set up at a laundromat, but I know of one that has XvSF. Crazy world we live in.

I bought my Dayonta USA 2 twin cab from a laundromat…Dude was Korean too haha