Nubbbs' Weekly Baby Sesshy (Santa Clara, CA)

So my homie Tim and myself are trying to throw a small weekly session every week Saturday night starting around 9pm until whenever at my house which is located in Santa Clara, right next to Great America. I know it’s late but it’s the only day/night that I’m available (maybe some weekday sessions after summer school is over).

I think right now I want to have at most 8, mayyyybe 9, in my house (I’ll let more people in as time goes by) because

  1. I’ve never hosted a session before
  2. Even though we’ll be in the back with sound proof windows, I don’t want it to get too loud and out of hand

**If you don’t know who I am and I don’t know who you are and you would like to come to my session, someone will have to vouch for you :]

I’m pretty sure we can get 3 stations going. I have one, Tim can bring his, and if someone can bring another setup that’d be nice :]

Again it’s right next to Great America but I don’t want to be posting my addy randomly.

By Seniority I mean people who have a dibs on going to my house before the people that I don’t know. The main people would be Scunsion, since he holds his sessions weekly and I’m invited he can come anytime. ALSO whoever is on his list from his thread he’s posted:
**If you see your name and want to attend please please please tell me in advance so I can start counting up to 8 people who want to attend.

Facebook: Nu Nguyen
AIM: nubigotsoul
PSN: nubbbi

**Best way to contact me is Facebook and AIM. I don’t like adding people to Facebook that I don’t know (who does) but if you do please state why you’re adding me haha. AIM I’m on majority of the time


  • Super
  • Melee (possibly)

what games you guys play? I’m like across the street lol. I play tennis at the mission college courts which is 5 min away.

Oh haha oops forgot to mention what games lol. Just Super for now, but probably will have more games as time goes by

I use to play Melee, and I really miss it, probably will start playing it again since I know some people who would be down to play :]

:lol: I’d like to come to your session this week. I’ve met you at one of our tournies when you used gen in sf4, Evo 2010 (we were in pool C) and I think you came to our convention Kin-Yoobi con last but I could be wrong. :wonder:

imma go get shitfaced at your house:chainsaw:

:open_mouth: Nu doin sessions now too? Tis Madness!

Oh shiet… Nu is starting up sessions now? Good luck dawg!

Can I “bring the HDR?” hahahhhaahaha jp

I may be interested in swinging by to this, if I’m going to lose my regular Friday family (sadface). Can I stop by and check this out sometime?

lemme in please

Yo homies.

@Batman77: Yes! I remember you, you called me for my match when I was on the floor at EVO, thanks again yo! And yes you can come by this week. Is there anyway you can contact me through AIM or Facebook?

@albert_c: Hahaha Okay, but who’re you? LOL

@sikwidit510: Who’re you? Hahaha sorry guys if I don’t recognize your srk names

@thrust: Lol, you’re welcome to come by and bring it yo!

@Dizz: Yeah of course man, just let me know

i had met u at like the 1st tasty’s i was the blanka player that took out lamerboi that day haha(showed up with grimmmz)

N nigga u got me on facebook ahahahahaha Raphael Garcia

Oh yeahhhhhhhhhh okay gotchu

I might be interested on going. I meet you at Tasty’s and you Fought my gief

Yo Drabog, I lost to you right? In the finals at Darrel’s?

If so then most definitely you can come by, but not this week because we’ve already hit the max amount of people

<<<!!!ALSO!!!>>> To everyone: I’m not sure if I’m hosting a session next Saturday (31st of July) due to my 21st bday :smiley: Not sure what I’m doing yet but don’t think I’m doing a session :]

:lol: could u Pm me your address nubbb? I haven’t got it yet. :wonder:

Doing that right now Batman

Anyone else want to come through please let me know asap so I’ll give you my addy too, AND I know I said I won’t be taking anymore people… I lied :]

EDIT: Yo Batman, I sent you the message, hit me up when you’re outside or near my house

Thats cool, I’m a man of following rules, your house, your rules right =]. Well hope there were be a spot next week. The time thing is the biggest thing, I have to make time for my gf cuz she owns me and school too owns me. =[

Edit: Yes that was my gief you fought. My gief needs to get better.

There’s roooooooooooom! PM me!

Damn, I was hoping for next week though, Sorry but I can’t make it, I have school work do to and I hate Tri-semester schools ( 8 week classes). So I have an work overload with that shit. Well I hope that we can get some sessions next time, or at Darrel’s place (If he holds one).

:lol: Got ur Pm on my way :cool: