Nuby Street Fighter controller on PS3

I bought an adapter that converts PS2 to PS3 controllers, and I noticed the Street Fighter controllers were out of synch a bit. I mean, everything moved fine, but it’s hard to do a dragon punch and it is VERY hard to do supers, let alone chain them. Yet when I used the controller on my PS2, it worked perfectly fine. Does anyone know of a good USB connector for the PS3. I have the black one with the short USB cord. Also, if anyone has a better one, do they know where I can pick one up? Thanks.

First of all, you are posting in the wrong place, you should go to Trading Outlet, but anyways, The one and only ps2 to ps3 with no lag, is the pelican ps2 to ps3 adapter, is very hard to find because is discontinued, you can get one here , or you can go to, and bid on one, but the price range from $60 to $100, but hey, is the only one, because the other ones dont work as well, hope it helps you, now good luck.

Tech Talk - Controller Adapter/Converter Thread

The Pelican was the best but they’re nearly impossible to find now so there’s a lot of discussion about reasonable alternatives.