Nubytech controllers

Did the wireless PS2 Street fighter controller pads ever come out in July 2005? I can’t seem to find any information on it, except for reviews from sites like IGN saying how the controllers would be shown at 2005 E3. The Nubytech website only has an old statement that the controllers will arrive during Christmas.

no. I wouldn’t at any rate either. They’re crap pads. save your cash and get something worth using like a saturn style controller.

you might as well just invest in a stick if you want a saturn pad.

isnt the nuby pad a better alternative then the ps2 pad?

He’s asking IF they came out. Not if the pad is bad or not. You wouldn’t know if the PS2 Wireless pad was better or worse than the regular NubyTech PS2 pads if they didn’t come now, would you?

Anyways, there were four controllers that were originally going to be produced:

Blanka, Cammy, Sagat, Evil Ryu.

Each one had a leather box, Street Fighter batteries, dogtag (Street Fighter emblem on it), IMPROVED D-pad, lowered Start And Select buttons to be flush with the pad, and the hardbound character art book by Udon. It was a pretty nice package, but it was supposed to retail at $49.99 for ONE pad. Pretty expensive for something that may or may not sell.

Blanka ended up being cancelled. His controller was going to light up and crackle when you did this electricity move, but there were complications with that. The other characters were on their way, but NubyTech was having financial issues. I was not the Product Manager, but I was involved in the testing of the products, and with a smaller company, and our financial troubles, I can say that the reason we did not release them was because it was not a viable product that would guarantee sales. On top of that, the “cheaper” D-pad rubber was being used from the Xbox controller, so we had to retweak that. The last version was much better. These pads were not meant to be like the Saturn pad, they were mean to emulate the ASCII Dreamcast puffier D-Pad fee, but the item was cancelled at the last minute, or as we said, put on hold “indefinitely.”

There are 4 prototypes for each character, but only one of Blanka. NubyTech sold some of those on eBay awhile back when we were liquidating everything.

the ascii are better?

I’m just talking about style. Ascii came out with Dreamcast pads, with puffier, larger D-Pad. In the end, it’s all about preference. I see so many people swear by pads, but unless you actually mess with them yourself, you can’t say for sure.

I have this same problem with sticks. Everyone says Ultimate Happ Hard Springs suck, but those are my favorite. Go figure.

Man… so I missed out… I have all the controllers… I just like collecting them… I use my Hori Sticks on 360 more than my Anniversary Arcade stick on my PS3 with the Pelican converter.