NubyTech SF Anniversary Joystick madcatz TE mod

hi. i have the first edition of SF TE stick. i really like the arcade stick but the sanwa joystick is the issue. i tried the Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate & that did no good. my ideal joystick would be the tekken 1 arcade machine stick or the SF AC joystick preferably. Does anyone know if any of these 2 are sold seperately & also, can it be modded to my TE arcade stick?

How long have you been practicing with the Sanwa?

There is no way to get a Happ in the TE. The body is as tall as the TE.

If you are a pad player coming to stick, you will have a great deal of problems with the joystick for a few weeks. This is totally normal, and although it feels like you cannot imagine getting skilled with it, you will within a few weeks of practice.

edit- I would reccomend you stick with it, unless you are a professional-level player who has years and years of Happ muscle memory. Otherwise, if you are a pad warrior, man up.

You can also try adding a bat-top.

thanks for the reply.

now my next question is if there’s a restrictor plate of some sort that can give that Happ feel to it? i bought the 8 way ocotogonal & it certainly does not do me justice. if i can get a bigger square gate restrictor plate like the one on the agetec Dreamcast stick then i will be happy with that too.