Nubytech SFAE levered microswitch problem



i done a toodles six-axis wireless mod on this a while back and have recenty got round to using it, i decided replace the happ knock off baolan stick with a suzo 500. i had to grind down the case to make way for the plastic on the bottom of the shaft, and i had to saw off the corners of the suzo where it screws in so it fits the case.

its all working good

but the knock off stick is kind of ok and i wanted to keep it for another project but i was fooling about trying to interchange parts and i kind of broke the levers on a couple of the micro swiches, i cant find anywhere that sells levered microswitches, any one got any ideas?



they have levered seimetsu switches, should be cool?

damn. the shipping is twice the cost of the switches!!!

if only lizardlick was still in business…