Nubytech Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick


I recently purchased the PS2 stick hoping to use it for SFIV but with the adaptor that I got (3rd Earth), it works occasionally until recently - now none of the buttons work and the home button keeps on activating by itself.

So has anyone successfully got this working with any other adaptors?


I was thinking of purchasing the inPin adaptor but not sure whether the adaptor would work with this stick.

The InPin would be perfect for that stick. If the stick when plugged into a ps2 starts acting funny it means that the pcb is going bad since its usual for that pcb. Just buy a ps1 pcb hacked from here and just attach the Qds and you’ll be fine.

I would also suggest to replace the stock parts with happs since those parts aren’t the best of quality.

Ah ok thanks for the advice Tetsuosan. Unfortunately I do not have a PS2 to test out the stick so I will probably need to borrow it from a friend.

Thanks heaps.

Btw do u know where can I buy a hacked ps1 pcb? Thanks.

Hi I have this stick and haven’t had much luck getting it to work with ps2 to ps3 adaptors, since the pelican is not available now I am in New Zealand which makes supply worse.

Is there anything else I can do to make this work on PS3 without the adaptor? Is there any tutorials explaining how to replace the PCB with a PS3 one?
Can I use a PCB from a dualshock?


Let me direct you guys to this thread:

If you read it thru, you will be experts!

Thanks, I’m trying to search the thread for PS3, but get “This forum requires that you wait 2147483647 seconds between searches”

WTF thats like 68 years!..

SO using a PSone etc pad board will not give a USB cable?
What is the recommended board to use to make this PS3 compatible?


if that is the case, have a look at - check out the PCB section for info :slight_smile:

Wow. Where did you find one of those. They’re extinct! My favorite design of a joystick of all time though…even better than the MC TE IMO (not parts obviously).

I just picked up the same stick, for the same purpose, hopefuly i can pick up an adapter locally, can anybody point me in the direction of how to change the art work on it? Cant search, gettin the same error as above, waitin 64 years between searchers

Actually they made some of those with all HAPP parts and some with knock off cheapo parts.

Not sure if there is a way to tell them apart.

I wonder how much the HAPP edition cost? Link is not working when you go to the site.

Hmmm looks like a lot of work.
My friend has the HORI Fighting Stick 3 and sold his PS3, yet he still has a PS2
he said he will swap with me and take my Nubytech SF 15th Anv stick and give his Hori fighting stick 3.

Is that a good deal? I wasnt planning on chaging the components in the Nubytech as they are good enough for me. What is the Hori FS 3 like besides being instantly compatible with PS3?

dont do it! the fs3 is horrible

Nope only trade for a HRAP.

The Fight Stick 3 is crappy version and hard to mod.

Just go put some HAPP parts in your box and a PS3 adapter and your good to go.

I’ll do some serious trolling on this thread tomorrow afternoon if someone doesn’t catch it first. Oh, and like they said, don’t trade it for a cheapo Hori.

Yeah I really like the design of it - I brought it off eBay a few weeks ago. From time to time, they appear on eBay. I live in Sydney Australia - luckily I got it locally so I didn’t have to pay for freight cost. :wonder:

Yeah I have also heard the fighting stick 3 is pretty crap compared to the Nubytech SF 15th stick - that is why I purchased the Nubytech one but I am looking for an adaptor that is good enough to get it working for PS3 games. Apparently, the inPin adaptor is supposed to be good.