Nubytech Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick


is it possible to put this stick on without struglgling too much? is it better than happ or worse?


thought i would share my SFAC Champion Edition Stick…

stock select/start buttons, all the rest are genuine iL parts (Eurojoystick & concave push buttons with horizontal micro switches)


^ Please post the PSD/source file. That is **** awesome.


haha thanks!!!


No really, where did you get the art from? I want it if you don’t mind.


i laid it out on my own, pm ur email ill send u some stuff to get you started…


To any owners of the 7.5 pcb:

I have a huge favor to ask. Can one of you take a picture of the pcb? Specifically the housing that contains all of the wires that connect to the buttons? I ripped all of the wires out of mine thinking it was incompatible with any convertor. Apparently it works with the inPin. I want to put it back together and hopefully salvage the PCB.


If you want to just know the colors of the wires, I can put that here for you.


but i start i’ll tell what i have on my ps3… i have the solo x arcade joystick with ps2 adapter wires for $14 and i bought the cheap ps2 to ps3 adapter from frys for like $10. ok i dont think u need to do all that… if u plug in the joystick and the home button is going back and forth all u do is take out the plug from the joystick and put the offical ps2 controller in so the console can recognize it and u can go to the menu or whatever but when ur ready to use the joystick… just swap really quick… it always works for me… and if u or friends have a 360 and u want to use ur joystick… you can buy a XFPS adapter that has a ps2 plug for $60 on ebay and u can use the joystick… but there’s a catch… u have to have a 360 wire controller that dont need batterys, the 360 well turn on and recongnize the adapter and just plug ur joystick and take off the 360 controller and ur in bussiness… sounds like a lot of work but hang if u can’t afford two joysticks or can do dual mod then this is the easyest way i found…


Start Select Buttons

Do any of you guys know where you can get replacement buttons for the smaller Start/Select Buttons?

I’m assuming the 24mm Sanwas/Seimitsus will work?


Yea that would work. You can abbreviate color names>button: GRY=L1, WHT=L2, BLU=SQ, etc.

Thanks that would really help.



Got the info I needed. chefxmxe brought a 7.5 over.

Turns out the 7.5 pcb works with the HVG2!! Negatory on the Pelican and cablesforPC.

If you can’t wait for the inPin–Get it at Fry’s for $9.99.


can someone help me about this?
what kind of sanwa joystick would be good for this stick?


The JLW apparently goes in easily.


Ok, so I bought the adapter from cablesforpc and it works on my PS3 BUT, the input lag is HORRIBLE.

I have the Green PCB/8V.

I’m getting really desperate, this is the 3rd convereter now and I still can’t use it on my PS3 =(

Is there any other way to modify this to make it work on the PS3? the cheapest TE stick around here is $250…


Just get a $40 Cthulhu board and rewire it to the stick and buttons, then throw out the PCB board. Thats what i did with my happ modded SFA stick. Works amazing with the PS3 and no need for a converter, just get a USB wire and plug and play. Well worth the time and money spent.

if you get the pre assembled Cthulhu board, all you do is follow the diagram they give ya and screw down the wired into it and crimp the ends with quick connects. no soldering involved. Hardest part was mounting the PCB board in the case for me, and that was easy.

I plan to buy two more board, one for my other SFA stick and one for when i make a sanwa stick.


Awesome, I should have read that Cthulhu stickie, it looks like that’s what I’m going to do.

Thanks a bunch!


so I have the 8v green pcb version. the dragonplus and the pega ps2/ps3 convertors don’t seem to work.are they supposed to work?am I doing something wrong? or should I just buy the dual converter from ebay you have already spoken about?


Get the one from eBay. That’s the only one known to work with 8V so far.


this one ?

it works flawlessly with 2.70 firmware?