Nubytech Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick


Yeah, that’s it and it’s 2.7 compatible.


yo any chance you could send this to me as well. i wanna do my TE stick like this!


PM me your e-mail and I’ll forward you what he sent me.


ok it seems I need a little help! I paid for the dual converter with paypal but the seller refunded seems he doesn’t ship to Italy
is there someone that can buy it and then send me?


I have one of these sticks, modded with all HAPP parts, however it doesn’t get much use. Now that I am used to Japanese sticks the circle gate really bothers me.

Should I sell it so someone can actually get use out of it? I am not sure of the price these things are carrying, especially with the changed parts.

Or should I mod it for 360 support? I havent really looked into this option too much and all my previous mods have been art/button+ stick swaps only.

Advice would be appreciated:wgrin:


I am in the same boat as you I guess. I actually just bought a ps2 so I am going to be using mine a little more often. I am wanting to mod mine with sanwa parts (sanwa joystick as well). But I would keep yours if you go to tournaments cause you can just get a converter to play on the PS3. But if you are wanting to sell it…Generally they fall around the $100 price range. Just check ebay and see what they go for.


I have a modded HRAP3 and MadCatz SE, so its just collecting dust:sad:

If I got rid of it, Id rather not use ebay and exploit the price, if someone here will use it and I can get something resonable.


I’ve been looking to get a second stick and currently have someone trying to sell me one. I’m looking to pay around $60 which is what I paid for my first rather than eBay prices. Send me a PM with pictures if possible if you’re willing to let it go that cheap. I have a sale pending for $50 which is missing the stick and some screws.


Man i love the casing of the Nubytech…Kyle doesn’t get it make an offer to me…I need to get one for my bro…Also Kyle does that $50 come with the PCB & buttons, just missing the stick? If you dont get it, can you send that seller my way. :smile:


Yeah, it’s missing the stick but is otherwise in good shape. It has the PCB and Happ Convex buttons. Unless something goes down I should be getting it. I’ve been trying to get a player 2 stick for way too damned long. :lol:

Don’t know d0c_zaius’s asking price, but it’s higher than my $60 because it’s Happ modded. I wouldn’t mind paying more but I end up buying concave buttons (which no one uses) and it’s easier/cheaper for me to start from stock.


Nuby Tech SF 15th Anniversary Fight Stick

Hello everyone, just to let you know, ever since the firmware release of 2.70 for the PS3, you will not be able to use many conversion adapters with the units. I started to have issues with my fight stick after I downloaded the firmware 2.70. I was using the stick prior and after updating the system my stick went crazy with reversing buttons and so forth. I used the TAC adapter and still the same thing. Contacted Sony Entertainment and they would not state what the patch was for. I believe the only way to have the older sticks work with the PS3 is to get the Multi-Console (MC) or PC/PS3 Cthulhu board. Check member Toodles for more info… Once I order them and install I will give you all the update.


Mine works perfectly fine with the inPin converter, I have also used it with the Pelican as well…


Mine works perfectly with dealextreme converter (HAIS?) but stick don’t work with inPins for some reason. Different anniversary stick models perhaps…

Only converters I’ve heard of failing are sumoto and TACs

Finally modded my stick with all black iL parts. Everything feels perfect on it now, though my start button happened to break apart as I was reassembling it somehow so I had to rewire select to start lol.
Don’t know why nubytech likes to put glue everywhere and randomly. There was some glue on my PCB even…


My HAIS still works fine as well, with my 3.5V PCB.

I ordered the one off the ebay seller that a few had mentioned worked with the 7.5V PCB, but I found it didn’t work with mine. Even tried the 3.5V PCB with it. My PS3 has 2.70 firmware.


can someone help me:crybaby:??


would you mind selling it to me? I can pay with paypal


sure. send me an email.


sent an email


Just got my pelican adapters and my SFAC works flawlessly on my PS3, not sure what board I have yet since I haven’t opened the stick. I had neevr played with a HAPP style stick before and by god does it play better than the Sanwas that I am used to, and this is with the stock SFAC parts


Mine works fine. I modded it with all Sanwa parts (joystick and buttons). I was given a ps2 to usb adapter by a friend so I don’t know what kind it is but it works on my PS3 and has all the latest system updates.