Nubytech Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick


what are u doing with six of them? geez bogart! lol


From the two 8V sticks I’ve seen, these are the one to avoid with converters. I’m still waiting on a 7.5V PCB for testing. The 8V had tiny case screws on the bottom while my 3.5V has larger screws.

I’m glad homeboy has six of these sticks but I don’t understand why either. I own two myself and am modding one tomorrow for a friend.


So what all is involved in converting one of these sticks to happ parts? do the buttons slide in w/out having to widen them? does the stick fit well enough so you dont have to route anything out to get a decent height?

im really interested in getting one of these sticks and making myself an american style stick to play with.


Its easy as hell, i was a complete noob till i found this forum and this walkthru.

Just keep searching and reading the many threads, and soon you will be able to mod tons of stuff. Happ in the SFAC is so easy, just buy the parts and takes about 1-2 hours if you want to take your time and make it right.


oh yeah, ive gone though that site before… i’ve sense forgotten about it due to me trying to get lots of japanese sticks and modding hori’s and agetec’s.

it seems like the easiest mod in the world… I GOTTA GET ONE OF THESE


changed the original stick with the happ competion one in about 20 minutes.very easy indeed


So I have two of these sticks on the way since I sold off my Modded Namco and PS3 TE. I also have the following either on order or at my house 2 Cthulhu boards, 2 iL Comp joysticks (1 orange 1 blue) 16 iL Comp buttons, and the necessary wiring components. I can’t wait to put this all together.


My order from Lizardlick should be here this week. I have the Trans. Seimitsu buttons and the JLW.

Do you have to do any sanding/drilling to get the JLF to fit ?

Will the Seimitsu microswitches fit with the connectors in the arcade stick ?

If a microswitch is pulled out, can it be pushed back in or does the button have to be replaced (this happened to one of my start/select buttons…do I even need a Select button?)


ok so I got a question for you all…

I just built a new joystick that is all sanwa parts, and I have a sf:ac stick that is all happ parts.

I like the happ joystick better than the JLF, however I like the sanwa buttons better than happ.

I know that the OSBN buttons won’t fit depth wise and be able to snap into the sf:ac case w/out any mods, but will they fit in there snug enough that i don’t have to worry about them moving?

also, if I want to put some snap ones in, and have tem snap solely to the plexy glass, then all I really have to do is cut out 2 notches on each hole on the wooden part, right?

I guess I mainly want to know if the sanwa buttons will fit snugly in the holes and not “wiggle” around at all. i don’t ahve any spare ones to put in my case to try out and I don’t feel like ripping my sanwa joystick apart, but I may order some sanwa buttons if they will fit.



I posted this in the ‘love my custom’ thread but no one cares about the SFAC there.

Did this as a request from the Trading Outlet and was happy with the end result. It came out looking slick IMHO.


I here ya there. So unappreciated, and it’s a much nicer case than both Madcatz sticks. Plus it wasn’t overpriced and it’s failure rate was nowhere near the Madcatz sticks. More importantly, it’s not Madcatz. haha.


I love the case and always did, just never knew when it was released i could mod it with happ parts. My two cases collected dust all these years till SF4 was released and i found out how to make them ten times better!

Think i love about them is modding with a new Chultha board, the USB cable goes nice and snug in the trap door!


Looks awesome.


I just got my SFAC stick back from Kyle :tup:. It now works with the PS2 and 360 and has Happ buttons and an iL stick. Huge improvement on a stick I already loved. Its stock sister is sitting modestly beside it even now.



i guess what i’m asking is if you can do a mod like the following pictures and OSBF will fit fine in the SF:AC case.



Happ buttons are 28mm, Sanwa are 30. They won’t fit without dremeling it down (carefully). If you’re feeling brave you can give this a shot, but I’d recommend leaving it stock and getting another stick. The SFAC is definitely intended to be an American stick.


I put one up for sale with HAPP parts in the trade section


thanks for the info.

well i already have another stick that is strictly sanwa, however i do not like the JLF compared to the Happ Competition stick, but I like sanwa buttons more than Happ buttons.

I’m trying to make a mixed joystick and was thinking of using the SF:AC case cause the case is really nice.


To each their own. You will need to use a dremel with a grinding bit to slowly widen the button holes. I would check the holes obsessively until they’re a good fit.

Another relatively cheap option you have is to get a CustomCade from ModChipMan. It will take a Happ stick and Sanwa buttons.


so does anyone know all the ps2>3 converters that will work a 3.5 volt stick? also is it possible to dual mod one with an xbox360 pcb? if so, any instructions floating around here?

or will i have to settle with using a cthulhu?