Nubytech Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick


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Fucking shit!!! I just finished Wiring my SFA stick with a Cthulhu and I put the bottom back on it, I flipped it over after I put the last screw in and saw one of the smaller start select buttons fuckin broke!!!The insides of the button came out! I was just about to test it too!! What are my options for replacing this button?


That sucks bro, the holes are 24mm so you might have to mod the case to fit a sanwa/seimitsu button into it.

I just cut the holes bigger and put in regular happ pushbuttons, it’s more work but I like the 1 Player concave button there for nostalgia (and it’s easier to replace in the future).


Would a 24mm seimitsu snap in button stay in the hole without modding the case? I really don’t have access to a router. I don’t know how you would fit a router in the small area anyway.


Is it just the prong that broke? You can swap the prong from the other stock button. If you need an extra start select button and this doesn’t work. PM me. I’ll send you one. I put 2 white sanwa 24mm in mine so I have two extra stock.

The 24mm sanwa fit fine and they cling to the plexi.


Good to know. I was going to try a 24mm Seimitsu screw-in as well when my order from Aki comes in. Was the Sanwa snap-in long enough? That seemed to be the great debate earlier in the thread.


it doesnt seem like a screw in will be long enough to have enough exposed threads.

snap ins would be an easy mod since it has plexi, you wouldnt even have to widen the holes, just get 2 little “wings” on them so the button has room to expand.


Ah okay, I had some coming in for a different stick and figured I would try them for grins.


The button is about as tall as the mdf. The prongs stick out. Getting them out later might require removing EVERYTHING but they fit and they work.


Hey so you just stuck the snap-in buttons in the holes and you can reach in the hole and put QD’s on the metal prongs? The Plunger part of my start button fell out. I was trying to put it back together but it seems like a no go.

Can I buy those two extra buttons from you?


I’d get the buttons from him if you could. I had a stock button fall apart on me and it was very clumsy to reassemble. I’m pretty sure I trashed it.


The snap-ins fit and work fine.

I imagine you don’t have any extra stock buttons lying around to attempt a frankenstein job?

If you want them. PM me we can discuss specifics.


any idea if Snap-In OSBF-30’s work in the larger button slots on the SF:AC case?


You’d have to dremel the holes a bit to fit a 30mm button into it. The holes are about 28mm as-is.


Here is my new and improved SF anniv stick.


Those KN buttons look slick. What did you use for the stick?


JLF…its far and beyond that horrible stock stick. I know I wont be getting carpitunal anytime soon.


Mind taking pictures of the internals? People often ask about doing this. Did you dremel the holes for the Seimitsu buttons? What was your process for that?


I had a friend actually set this up. He did dremel to get the buttons to fit as well as the plexi top. I will take pictures of the inside and post up little later.


I’m looking for concave happ buttons to replace my current buttons for Nubytech Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick, any suggestions?