Nubytech Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick


You’ll want the item listed as ‘Pushbutton with Horizontal Microswitch’. Happ carries them, and other places probably do as well.


Lizard Lick sells them as well.


I’d recommend getting them from Ponyboy or The turnaround for your order ought to be much quicker.


Any specific colors you were thinking of getting, or just the same colors as the stock buttons?


is there a diagram for the default wiring of this thing?


there’s various boards with different types of voltages, from pictures looks like the wiring is different as well.


ah ok… well i ended up figuring out what i was looking for.

i think ive got a 3.5v stick, and this is what i wrote down for reference:

purple - up
blue - left
orange - down
yellow - right
brown - start
red - select

purple - A
yellow - b
blue - x
oyange - y
red - r1
brown r2
gray - L1
white - L2

just got done modding mine with some iL parts from ponyboy! i ended up getting fed up with it and just pulling the t-molding out and removing the plexiglass to take out the stock stick.

i also went ahead and replaced start/select with some 24 mm semitsu buttons i had (hot glued em into place).

overall im quite pleased… now i just need to get an adapter so i can ps3 it up, or throw my cthulhu in it… also a dual mod might be called for at some point.


Pulling off the t-molding is so much easier than the method in arcadestickmonk’s guide, imo. Show some pics when you’re done!


its just a basic swap of parts, it looks the same, but with MUCH better parts… i’ll get a pic of all my sticks soon, since ive acquired a nice collection of sticks since HDRemix was released.


So I recently bought a SFAC and I am in the middle of buying all new parts, and a common ground 360 pcb and a MC Cthulhu, along with the new iL stick and buttons and wiring etc.
I’ve never modded before so this will be my first personal mod, I’m sure it’s going to be horrible since I decided to go all out and do a dual mod, imp and replace pretty much everything in the stick. :] I’ve been looking around and found some good sources as to what I should do but i’m still a bit confused, this is going to be a long and slow process. Wondering for the template where did you guys get SFAC templates?


Depends how you approach it, but the good news is you can take your time, cuz since you still have to order parts, you’re probably looking at the least a month wait if you were to place an order for iL and HAPP parts from Lizard Lick next monday. Other than that, it’s really not that hard to mod one of these bad boys.


Art template? I’m sure Kyle has a psd. I can dig up one if you send me your email thru pm.


First few pages of this thread has links to the templet, how i got mine when i modded my sticks.


Here’s my Vewlix template at 300 DPI. It should be stupid accurate. When you’re done editing save it as a Photoshop PDF and upload to as a 11x17 laser print.


thanks for all the help with the template. I’ll take some pics as I do the modding to show how it went and if I was sucessful. >_>; Wont be able to start until my cthulhu and buttons/stick comes from ponyboy.


Gee, I feel incompetent. I kept the original art and replaced the stock buttons with Happ competition buttons and the stick with a Perfect 360.

See here for the easy way out -


^ Just curious, where did you find the +5v, assuming you used the stock PCB.

I was thinking of putting a P360 in mine once my friend brings it back, lol.


I bought a Cthulhu after I fried the stock PCB by shorting some buttons. Now my SFAC stick is a PS3 native.


I saw the monk walk through, unfortunatly PS2/Xbox is no longer current gen lol so I can’t take the easy way out, Unless I stack converters. Well regardless I decided to do the multi mod with a 360 and mc cthulhu, also going to do the detachable rj-45s although that part is easy, I’m more worried about linking everything up from the 360 pcb to the MC, if it was just a 360 pad i’d be okay or just a cthulhu i’d be okay, it’s the actual linking of the two that has me a bit worried but eh i’m going to give it a shot.


Does anyone here that has changed their artwork want to sell the original to me? I don’t have enough posts to ask in the trading forum. My son stepped on my original artwork when I was swapping out the joystick, and it looks really ugly all creased and wrinkled up under the plexiglass. Shoot me a PM and give me your price. Thanks