Nubytech Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick


got the cablesforpc adapter for my street fighter anni stick green 8v board, but after plugging it into the ps3 it doesnt work. theres no sync button because its main purpose is for pc, so how does everyone get it to sync with the ps3? i know my other arcade stick doesnt need to be synced it just gets detected i thought this would be the same…

tested the stick on an xbox which works, just ps3 wont recognise

anyone got tips?



with the new 2.8 update, my TAC Adapter works again! huzzah

Converter Compatibility Thread

Thanks for this post. I cross-posted it here.


Holy crap, I saw this item on ebay and had to share this ridiculousness: LOL


Lolz. 250? Stock parts? :lol:


Haha, upgrading stock parts would then jack up the price to $350!!


So im really confused. I just scored a brand new one and played it. Stock parts suck!!! I wanna replace. Can somebody tell me what parts and joystick to replace with. Size and brand please? Thank you in advance


Happ/IL brand competition joystick or perfect 360 joystick. Happ/IL pushbuttons they really only use one size in either convex (competition) or concave.


Where did you score a brand new one? Tell me please!:pray:


Yeah, just get Competition buttons and a competition stick (or an iL eurojoy i think is the original competition stick)… they are pretty much just drop in replacements, nothing to really mod except to replace the original quick connects with .187’s. which is not hard at all


Zeetes just mentioned this to me. Very cheap for new:


Thanks man! Just ordered one. Brand new…awesome.:encore:

Curious…does anyone actually have good, up-close pictures of the HAPP edition of this stick? I can’t locate a single one besides the official Nubytech site @: and the link to the HAPP edition is broken. Can anyone who has the actual HAPP version and not a mod post some pics so we can see the difference in the box details and any difference in panel art, etc.? MarkMan, I know you must have one. Please?


For the people that got excited and purchased a SFAC Stick from MyGearStore on Amazon, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It was an inadvertent listing. I just called them. They don’t have any in stock. Last time they had these in stock was 2006. :rofl:

So, for the unlucky people that purchased these, I suggest you email or call them and get your refund.

Remember the motto. If it’s too good to be true. It normally is.


has anyone done a dual ps3 wii mod yet ? this stick with happ would be perfect for tvc &mvc2


Well, it’d be easy to do with a MC Cthulhu.

You’d have PS3/GC compatibility and be able to play TvC on Wii via the GC compatibility.

Also, you can just use adapters and you’re good to go.


I am the original poster that recommended the cablesforpc adapter on this thread, so here is how I make it work on my PS3. (You do not necessarily have to follow these steps to make it work on your PS3 initially, but I found that I had to “reset” my settings to them to make the adapter work correctly after plugging in and unplugging other PS3 controllers/sticks such as the TE stick.)

  1. What I do is to first changed your PS3 controller (the PS3 wireless controller or whichever PS3 controller that you use to sync with the PS3) setting from the default setting of “1” to “3” or “4” via pushing the home button and selecting controller setting.

  2. Now depending on which PS2 connector (since there is 2 on this adapter) your SFAC is connected to, you should now be able to drive the PS3 menu on one of those PS2 connectors. If not, switch to the other PS2 connector and see if it drives the menu. If it still does not provide any response, reset the PS3 at this point and try again. You should be able to a response after all of those options. If not, then your adapter is broken.


The arcadestickmonk HAPP mod link is down! I thought that I’d share the cached website if anyone is searching for it as I was:

SFAC Happ Guide

Also, I have a question – What kind of wire should I buy to rewire my stick? There’s all kinds of glue and tangled ugliness going on and I’d like to clean it up, but I don’t want to get the wrong wire.


I’m a SRK noobie. Go easy on me. :blush:

  1. I have read through all the posts, my Nubytech SFAC has a 3.5v connection. What adapter gives the least amount of lag and also seems the most reliable connect to a PS3?

  2. I bought my stick a few years ago on eBay. The bottom plastic base and cord compartment cover are broken, so the compartment does not stay attached. I could superglue/tape it, however I want it to look clean. Does anyone have a broken SFAC stick and want to sell me the bottom plastic base and cord compartment door?

Thanks and I look forward to reading and eventually contributing to SRK in a positive manner! :woot:


Hi, I just got one of these sticks and I’m trying to find the cablesforpc adapter, but it looks like ebay account has been down. Could someone please post s pcitures of the cablesforpc adapter?


Of the Nubytech sticks, the 3.5v PCB has the least incompatibility issues.

Check the Converter Compatibility Thread to look at your options.