Nubytech Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick


I have the 8v model, so I’m trying to find one of the cablesforpc adapters, but the guys ebay account is no longer registered


Ah that sucks, well, you could get a MC Cthulhu and swap it for the 8v PCB.


The adapter has dual PS2 connectors but just 1 USB connector. I was the poster that suggested this adapter for the 8V folks. I just went through 20 pages on ebay for “ps2 to ps3 adapters” and not one of them had the dual PS2 connectors on them. I guess you’re out of luck for this particular adapter from this 'cablesforpc" seller. He is no longer registered and has not listed auctions since Aug. 4th.

You could try other adapters from other sellers as trial and error – I had to try a few to get mine working.

Best thing to do is to swap your PCB with a CTHULHU – I did this for my 2nd SFAC and works like a champ on the PS3 and the PC.


Are either of these the adapters he was selling?

Converter Compatibility Thread

Thanks I will go with the inpin for my SFAC 3.5v PCB . However does anyone know if these converters work with the PS slim? I just bought one and want to make sure it works.


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Does anyone have a template for this stick? I’ve been looking for one but can’t find one. And there doesn’t seem to be a mention in the stick FAQ Thread

edit: I’ve found it. Overlooked it in the esentials thread


does anybody know the button sizes for the start and select. I messed up the tabs on one of them and need to replace it.




^ thanks dude, good thing I have some 24mm buttons lying around =D


I’m not sure if this has been posted but…

I just got a PS3 Slim (firmware 3.0) and the SFAC 3.5v PCB is compatible using the InPin adapter. It works great, no lag as far as I can tell.

But then again, I’m an average SF player (HD remix) so I may not be a good source of authority to talk about lag. LOL


Would anyone happen to have a high-quality image or scan of the original artwork on this stick (including the button labels etc.)?

I bought my SFAC second hand and the original artwork isn’t as crisp as I’d like it to be since the previous owner swapped it out and failed to take good care of it. I’d like to reprint it and replace it.


I posted this in the “Check out my new stick thread”

but it belongs here too…

Ok Here goes…

A few pages back (in the “Check my stick” thread)* I posted part of my collection.

I couldn’t wait for the new stick and buttons to arrive, so I finished the graphics on my SFAC stick…


Happ Competition YELLOW BAT TOP!

  • 8 black Happ competition pushbuttons…
    I think it’s gonna be super hot…especially with the yellow bat top…

They’ll prolly arrive friday or saturday…can’t wait

Whatddya you guys think?


Nice. I just completed mine but gotta dip for a sec to get the girl from work. When I get back I will post some pics and explain some of the additional mods I did :wink:


[Posted in the AXISdapter thread also because it fits both threads ~ hope that isn’t a violation, please advise me if so and I will remove either as instructed]

Here are the finished pics and some descriptions. I just have to decide/finalize what artwork I want to go with (which is why it still has the original Udon design) ~

HAPP Comp w/ HAPP standard buttons

Internally (I explain the additional side buttons later on below)


Finally got everything totally wired up

Correct placement of the SixAxiS (I will get into why at the end)

Just a better close up

The rest of the internals wired etc. I could definitely have done the wiring better but you’ll never see it anyway when it’s closed up soo…

The “PS” button placement

USB Cable management

And the additional little mod I did

I added the 2 buttons (L1 & R1) to each side because of an itch to play Pinball lately but with a bit more realism…which brings me to why I placed the SixAxiS properly so as to have the “just in case” either Zen Pinball, the upcoming Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection for PS3 (I already have it for the Wii & my PSP and LOVE it!) OR any future Pinball game ends up supporting it for shaking the tables. Basically so it won’t be all screwed up if I would have just let it hang in the incorrect position.

I also plan to also use it for The Zero Game Project (Multi Console Emulator) on YDL 6.1 for PS3 as well as on my PC with Visual Pinball (PinMAME) for my all time favorite table…Addams Family! I have been searching and waiting for a LOOONG time for a dev to make it, and one WAS in the process but it recently got canceled! Hopefully another company picks it up or is already working on it…but anyway I recently got the EMU working and playing it brings me back to when I was a Manager at an Arcade back in NY. Actually that explains why I prefer HAPP parts over Sanwa/Seimitsu since that isall that I have ever really used in American Arcades etc. Hell, I even prefer the standard HAPP buttons over the competition ones!..I know, I know but that is my preference :wink: but I may do my next one with either all Sanwa/Seimitsu stuff or a combo of them.


Wow dude that’s a REAL nice SFAC mod.

The pinball flipper buttons on the side are GENIUS!!!

If I had the access, I’d rep the shit outta you for that.

Well done!

Now…about the artwork…

Whatcha gonna do?


TY, Matskat. I have made a few “from scratch” boxes before but they were for utility not for looks. I always wanted to add the Pinball Flipper Buttons on the sides but never bothered when I was in the process. I guess the Williams & Zen Pinball games pushed me over the edge to do it on this one.

I will probably end up doing the 2nd half of the wiring better when I pull all the buttons and cover off when I come up with a design for the face…that’s when I 'll be “happy” with it. When it’s nice, clean with the art to match. But that’s where I am stuck at PLUS I have an idea about how to make swapping out the clear plastic cover easier to change designs. I just need to get in contact with that guy who does the etchings here on Shoryuken and see if he could do a specific custom cut out for me to see if it’ll work.

As for the “who/what” design I’m throwing around in my head (for now) I am leaning towards something with Akuma as he’s always been my strongest character…but I am one of those who likes to wait until it “hits me” for me to be like ~ Yeah that’s it…


Hmmmm… Now I’m curious…

You’ll have to share your idea, because swapping the art is a pain…

BTW…I just got aome of my parts in to do my SFAC :

an Il (Happ) Comp stick and 4 (I know) Happ Comp buttons…

The other 4 buttons come next week…(I know I made an ordering accident)
Anyway…I put in the stick and the 4 buttons, leaving 4 old stock buttons in…
I went to test the stick and only 2 buttons work!

HP and LK… I tested each button individually, and they are all ok…

Is the combination of stock buttons and Happ’s w/ cherry switches causing an issue…everything is grounded but the old buttons are just 2 prong (line a sanwa) and of course the new buttons are 3 prong (cherry switches)

Any ideas…I’m just anious for my next order to come and thjought I’d play half and half…


Hey, quick question. Just wondering if there’s any way of telling what model of SFAC stick you have without opening the box. I just bought a bnib sfac stick figuring I would pair it with an xconverter360 to use it for my new marvel stick without doing any research and would like to make sure that I have a 3.5v version without opening it so I can sell it if it won’t work with my 360. Thanks.