Nubytech Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick


Reading the PCB is the only way, bub.


Well that kind of sucks, I guess I’ll have to open it and lose some value if I have to sell it if it’s not 3.5v. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t do your research lol.


I heard there IS a way to tell…without being able to open the stick.

Look at your stick…

Does Zangief have a MOHAWK? or is he Bald?

Bald 'Gief is the GOOD PCB…

The BOX itself also has bald 'Gief…like the box the stick is stored in…

Go on… look…


That method has proven to be inaccurate. Looking at the PCB is the only way to be certain 100%


hey i was wondering what sticks are direct swaps for the crappy Chinese parts that are in now :stuck_out_tongue:


For joystick: Happ/iL Competition, I think the Sanwa JLW is as well.

Buttons: Happ/iL buttons, will need to mod the case to fit Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons.


When I first saw it I didn’t think it was even a method. I thought he was just pulling my leg lol. Anyways, looking at the ebay pic of the stick the gief has a mohawk so hopefully that method is innacurate.


It’s hard to explain how I see it in my head but I guess the easiest way I could try to describe it would be that each button would have 2 cutouts. One hole the size of the button to slide through and the other a slightly larger cutout that is the size of the outside diameter. Making a kind of plexi donut/washer/circular cutout for the button to be placed through & on so the plexi face (when cut to the outside diameter of each button “donut”) can be easily lifted around the buttons while the rubber casing around the SFAC perimeter holds it in place thus bypassing you having to remove EVERY button!..hopefully that explains it? LoL

As far as your 2 buttons working issue here are some ideas

  1. Do you have the wiring correct on the cherry micro switch? I.E. Ground is the lowest prong and the “hot” is the middle (look at my pics to see exactly what I mean)

  2. It could be the adapter you are using in itself? Maybe?

  3. Take a picture and upload it here so maybe more “eyes” can figure it out!


i just bought a used happ edition sfac 8v and im trying to get it to work with ps3/pc. im looking into going with a mc cthulhu because i cant solder so the pad hacking is not an option and i cant find the cables4pc dual adapters that are confirmed to work with the 8v.

has anyone gone with the mc cthulhu’s before? what do we do about not having a usb cable supplied with our sfac since it comes with xbox/ps2 cables?


i just bought one of these bad boys off of ebay and really looking at my options for this is going to be my first mod attempt. i’m keeping it american style and want to know what i can do with the buttons at the very least…what can i change them to because they seem to stick out a bit much…since i’ve been playing the TE stick, i can’t say that i like it very much and would not be able to get used to these buttons with ease. so what can i switch the buttons to? i’m keeping the bat stick…i love it to be honest…but i want to add new artwork, change the buttons, maybe add a new bat stick…and make it compatible for the 360 with a mic input too perhaps. thanks in advance


You can replace the buttons without any modification to the case itself with iL/Happ competition or concave pushbuttons. Same with the stick, iL competition feels way better than the stock stick.

I’m unsure of the 7.5v and 8v PCBs, but I know the 3.5v PCB is common ground - so you could put a common ground 360 PCB into the stick and retain the PS2/XBox functionality if you wanted.


Thought I’d throw out my interest here too for a 3.5v sfac pcb. Bought a bnib one but it has an 8v so it wont work with any 360 converters. PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks.


Haha, I just sold and shipped one yesterday to heysteve for the same reason.


haha I know I was thinking of msging you to hold it but I didn’t know how long I’d be waiting for my stick to check and it happened to arrive a bit early. You were gonna solder wires and everything too, bad luck I guess lol.


i’m thinking of putting a 'Sanwa JLW-UM-8 Bat Handle Joystick, 4 & 8-Way ’ seen here ‘’ but not quite sure if it’s compatible with this stick, does anyone know? also…does anyone know what japanese buttons they’d recommend for this setup? i’m very new to modding and can use all the recommendations and help i can get. thanks in advance.


anyone have help in regarding to how he removed the 2 buttons and put them on the side/back of the stick? what tool did he use to cut the hole for the buttons…also how did he cover up the 2 smaller button holes above the stick yet maintain the other 8 buttons visible? though i’m sure he just covered up the 2 smaller holes above the stick with the artwork…and cut the other holes for the buttons that he would actually use? is there a difference between making this stick wired/wireless in terms of responsiveness? sorry for being as pest, but this is going to be my first mod job and i’m a beginner so you can see i’m a bit hesitant on where and how to begin.


^Hole Saw and a new sheet of plexi.


does anyone in do or know anyone that does custom art?


Try searching for it…

There’s several threads dedicated to artwork…

Maybe even one dedicated to art templates for the SFAC stick…

Search is at the top of the window, I was hesitant to use it at first, but almost every question you could possibly fathom to ask has already been asked hundreds of times, and the answers are around here somewhere.

Not trying to bust your balls, here…but keep posting without searching and someone WILL bust the SHIT out of your balls…



Kyle! can you please post the psd for this art? Thanks! im sure it will save you many pms!