Nubytech Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick


OH GOD YES PLZ PLZ I WANT!!! that is so beautiful. the standard sfac art is awesome but after staring at it for so long im ready for something new and that is just the greatest thing that i have ever seen.


I have two of the SFAE sticks. Modded with all HAPP pro parts. I added pinball flipper buttons on the side and a plunger button on the front. I did that a few years ago. Recently I added six axis controllers with the axisadapter great product by the way. Pulled out the old PCBs as they are no longer needed. Just ordered a new plexi for one after I install it they are done forever.

These are now my ultimate arcade sticks. PS3 compatible, wireless, great design, and very sturdy. Changing the art consists of removing the retainer washer at the bottom of the stick and sliding the stick out removing the buttons. Then gently remove the trim from around the plexi and it will then lift off. I have abstract art on one and Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow on the other. I kept the 8 button lay out to play some games that normally would not be games you consider for a stick. One of them is War Of The Monsters great with a stick wish someone would remake it with online. Love that game.

SFAE sticks have great potential. These days they are a little hard to come by for a decent price if you can get a hold of one I say go for it.


Here’s what I was originally sent when I e-mailed him:

Unfortunately it isn’t a complete PSD but it has the images required to recreate what he did. I’ve seriously forwarded this thing at least 10 times. Enjoy!


Freakin awesome. Thank you so much.


Can anybody help w/this question?



For Kyle or any one that has the PSD file with the old SF II cabinet artwork, can you please repost the link. Looks like the original link is dead for this artwork.

Getting this stick this week.


The file is back up! Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions about the website.


i wish some of these pretty sticks were for sale :confused:


A friend of mine’s moving to another country, so he ended up just straight-up giving me his Nubytech.
He even put a Happ stick into it. :smiley:

Gonna give it some Crown 203A buttons (only ones I have lying around); maybe a Suzo500 if I find a job this week.


Anybody have the link to the original “how to mod this stick” thread?


The original thread was titled ‘Happ-Modding Street Fighter Anniversary Stick: Fully Illustrated and Solder Free.’ Google isn’t helping much.


As reference:


Sweet. Thanks for finding that. The new board threw everything out of wack.


So I had an interesting find:
The Nubytech’s holes are actually 30mm – which means PS-15 snap-ins fit perfectly :slight_smile:


question. the t-molding on mine broke a few years back and was ripped off and thrown away. id like to replace it. anyone know where to buy it at? the only place i found it has a 20 ft minimum.

also im pretty sure its 3/4" but want to make 100% sure before i buy it. thanks.


i was given 2 of these by a friend recently both NIB. Both has terrible components in them that make me want to set fire to my face everytime I try to use them.
The buttons are horrible and the stick is a joke.

Considering doing one K-stick, anyone know if the deck thickness is going to be a huge issue? I dont mind widening holes etc but using the existing mounts and deck holes would be a huge bonus. i dont have access to many tools, but I have a dremel and can solder like a boss.

Also does anyone know of a thread showing a Japanese stick mod for one of these guys?


Happ or IL parts would be perfect drop in replacements.

To Fit Japanese parts correctly you have to take the top panel off and using a router, route out a space or grove for the Japanese style parts to fit.
See and where you see the site talking about cutting MDF, you want to do the same thing but from underneath.

This is assuming you have access to a router. I dremel isn’t up to the job at all.

I would not use the K stick or any other Ultrmac parts


You would need to route the wood underneath so that you could properly mount a jap stick. May not be worth the effort.


both sticks will fit with little mod, JLF all you would need is a piece of 1/4 MDF cut it to fit the recess, drill mounting holes and you’re done, Korean stick you don’t have to worry about adding another piece of MDF all you need is to install it sideways,enlarge the hole to 35mm and drill new mounting holes. its not really that complicated, I did it on a case I had I’ll see if can find it and take some pics.

Edit: I found the case and made a 1/4 inch MDF insert that fits inside the recess part, as you can see this way you can fit both sticks, pictures.


Thank you all so much for the information.
I did research a lot but was totally overwhelmed with deciphering opinion/fact from the huge amount of information.

I have 2 sticks so I think ill do one HAPP/IL (if i can figure which buttons are better) and one for JP/KR…

Really guys thank you all so much. You are champs.