Nubytech Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick


If you want japanese part & w/ less amount of modding, go with the JLW. Its pretty much a drop-in, the only thing you need to do is shave off a little of the side so the mounting can fit flushed…As for the buttons, you need to widen the button hole on the stick & plexi. I would suggest snap-ins as the screwins wont be long enough.

Thing to consider is if you plan to use this stick you either play on the floor or have like a table to play on…I found the stick to be to tall to ever play on your lap.


Ah good point… thanks for the heads up!
I mostly play sitting cross legged on my bed, so it might be ok…
I am waiting for my Xtokki adapter so I cant play sfiv on it yet, but the stock components are just plain bad so I didnt get my ps2 out to give it a shot in protest.

Atleast sticks and buttons are cheap to buy so I can get a few different ones till I figure it out. Just need to find a cheap dealer in Australia who has stock :stuck_out_tongue:


I would suggest trying out the Happs IL first…That way you dont damage the casing, who knows you might be happy with it…I have 3 myself & kept them Happs except for 1 when i was experimenting at the time. I tried Korean & didn’t like it, the Sanwa JLW was fine though.

They are a beautiful stick that shouldn’t be modded IMO.


after much sf3/mvc2/Hokuto no Ken on my ps2 with this stick Im just going to get an IL Eurocomp and some good american style buttons. And keep one NIB on the shelf.
If I want a JP/KR stick Ill buy something, these were free after all.
Thanks for the advice.


Anyone know where I can find a replacement for the rubber feet for these sticks? I’m missing two of them :confused:


Dude just go to any hardware store, Fry’s, Radio Shack, Ace Hardware, CVS, Wall Greens, Target, Walmart, K-Mart, and some super markets.


I took a Nubytech SF 15th Anniversary arcade stick and removed the buttons and the graphic inlay, made a retro Champion Edition design and put a Sixaxis PS3 Controller and Axisdapter PCB inside, also Happ buttons and joystick for the whole arcade look, Seimitsu white buttons for select/start. PS3 Home button on front lower side of cabinet. USB charge cable and storage. Can be used with PS3 and PC as it’s basically a PS3 controller.


Is there any way you can send me the artwork, Sonic_Boomer? I’ve been looking for that style for the longest time.


Here you go.


Do you have the PSD of this file? I know super old thread, but I am modding one with a brook PS3/PS4 fight board.



Hi RoDcHaN, pm me your email and I’ll send it to ya!


Does anyone know the exact measurements of the Stick? i am in the process of recreating something like this stick but a little smaller not as huge. if someone with this stick could tell me the measurements that would be awesome


Nice! Certainly better than what was originally on the stick. It was ‘alright’ but, replica Champion Edition art is a lot cooler.