Nubytech Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick


Vince Home Depot has them but the 2 local Depots that I went to only had the fully insulated .187 disconnects…I was like wtf…so I ended up going to Lowe’s and they had them in packs of 16 (8 females and 8 males) – I had to buy 2 packs.


Kewl thanks, i will try lowes first since its on my way home.


advance auto parts has quick disconnects as well, they sell them in packs of ten


Ok guys, due to the walkthru i finished up my Happ replacement parts. I tested it out on the PS2 and works fine. Need to get used to using a joystick again since i havent been to a arcade sine 2001.

So thats one stick down, waiting on my Cthulhu board to come in to make a PS3 stick since this one is gonna be used for MAME and inpin converter (if it doesnt cause a lag).

Great exp with replacing parts, i am more confident now to try the next project and make it a ton cleaner. I know the inside of this one is a mess now, but i need to fix it up this weekend when i have more time.


hey guys! are there guides to replace stock buttons and sticks with sanwa parts?is it possible?


hey adroc… that adapter…

WORKS GREAT!!! LOL i have no idea how it works but it does!!!

80085 get one for ur 8V SFAC green pcb

and kyle might need to update the converter thread with this info

generic, hais do not work with SFAC 8V green pcb

adrocs link for a dual adapter does!


sweet! I’ll be getting one for sure!


Sorry, I hadn’t seen this. I’m not sure what happened if he didn’t message you.

Is this what we’re talking about? Is there any name/label printed on it?

Thanks for these pictures. Looks like this is just about sorted.


yeah thats the link kyle for the sfac green pcb 8V ps2ps3 converter

i wont need that yellow pcb anymore thanks. got it sorted with the dual adapter.


Cool. Is there any marking on it? I’m trying to sort out what to call it and if that eBay seller is the only one who has them.


Just bought three…


so does anyone have measurements for the case of this stick? also, do HAPP parts just drop in w/out altering the case?


not sure on the exact dimensions, but the parts do just drop in w/out altering the case.

however, replacing the joystick you will have to take the rubber siding off and then that lets the plexiglass and art come off. The 4 phillips screw heads are under there. the rubber siding just slides right back on.

i wish i had known that after trying for like 45 minutes to use a wrench to just take the nuts off of the bolts underneath lol.

here is a pic of mine when i was taking it apart.


No particular markings/labels/names from what I can see – it’s generic! You could call it “SFAC 8V generic adapter with dual PS2 connectors by ebayer X” shrug

SWEEETT! I’m glad it works for you too. Happy Gaming


ummm looks like its got an squiggly “e” in the centre

how do i add pictures here? do i have to host it?


adroc, vicious: have you tried if there is a home button with the adapter that works for the 8V PCB? with the HAIS adapter and my 3.5V, if I press up and start, it acts as the home button.


Why the hell would you want to do this ?

Removing the base is far far easier.


Because the nut doesn’t screw off as easily when the bolt keeps turning with it. I also found it hard to hold the bolt with tiny pliers while turning the nut. So I took off the rubber and plexi top. way easier.


yeah mate tried the hais adapter

it gets detected as a controller (so i guess i dont need to press “home”) but the controller turns on and off constantly


I threw this together for the converter compatibility thread thanks to 80085. I’m glad we’re finally getting to the bottom of this.