Nubytech Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick


Well i should be getting my Chulthu board this weekend, so my yellow board will be taken out. Is the board the same as a PCB from a controller? May either sell it off or use it for my cousins stick since he doesnt have a PS3 online connection.

So you guys knows which would be better? controller PCB or the yellow?



also the nut is very close to the joystick and it’s a PITA to try and even turn it with plyers/wrench for a few of the screws.

taking the rubber part off and then the plexiglass takes like 30 seconds.


I deal with the home button by using the actual PS3 controller. Since I rarely use it and only use it to exit a game or for messaging, it doesn’t bother me that my ps2 adapter doesn’t has the Home button functionality.


hello guys! i got thius stick yesterday and… I’m not happy about it!! I’m playing with sf2 on ps2 (waiting for the adapter to play sf4). I just can’t do moves like hadoken or shoryuken as easily as with the dual shock!!!
shoryuken in particular! I can do it 3 times out of ten while with the dualshock I always do it!
and the super moves too…a disaster!
I thought I could improve and I’m actually worse!
is it me?
is it due to the fact that the stick is stock and not from happ?
what can I do?


If its the cheap stock stick and buttons i couldnt do squat with it either. I could do much batter with a controller then that stick. I replaced mine with a happ and been using it on MAME and i love it now. Very easy to replace following the walk thru thats been linked in this thread. Try it out, you will see a major difference.


is it enough to change the stick or do I have to change everything?
which is the best stick to place in? happ competion or ultimate,4 or 8 ways?


I think most people (including myself) will tell you to put a Happ competition stick in (if you want to go American). It’s fairly cheap and it will work better than stock. I would also recommend putting in some comp. buttons as well but if the factory buttons feel fine to you there really is no reason to replace them.

P.S. I’ve had my stick for years and I never noticed that my artwork had a hairless Zangief. Weird.


another 2 questions:
-I noticed I have the green pcb with 8v. which adapter works fine with 2.70 firmware and this pcb?

-what is the slot in the front for? is seems like a memory card slot…what is it?


-The slot on the front of the stick is for an Xbox memory card.


It’s this one like was discussed on the last page or so. I also added it over here as well.

#171 I made a bid on a competition stick from ebay but I’m completely noob with these arcade sticks.basing on the guide to replace both joystick and buttons can someone make a little guide to replace the stick only?


Vince34-what converter do you use for the sfas?


Try this thread. The OP provided a link to a DIY guide that he made:


Well here is my second stick with the MC chulthu board. Man this things rocks in a PS3. Sadly its been about 7 years since i been to a arcade and used a stick. So i need to relearn and brake this stick in. So now that i know how to make a stick, i plan to make a sanwa one next. Just to see the difference between happ and sanwa.

It was a cheap one off ebay, i made a link to it a few posts back. Doesnt work with the 2.7 update tho. So i ordered the in pin converters.


Can anyone confirm an converter(s) that works with the 3.5 voltage? Someone asked in my thread. Thanks.


hais and tac kyle have been confirmed?


Hey guys Ive been watching these posts for a while on these SFAV sticks, found a couple that I were sitting in my attic for since SF 3, stopped playing them after I realized their stock parts sucked and some friend dropped soda on the buttons (plus knock off happs buttons are horrible), finally SF4 is here and im ready to modify the whole thing. Its gonna be a dual PCB mod with mostly sanwa parts.

Wish me Luck I will post pics in a week.
Part List:
Madcatz 360 controller/ used PS2 controller PCBs
Hais PS2/PS3 adaptor
Terminal trip
Sanwa OSBN30 Buttons 6 buttons white/red
Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y
Sanwa shaft cover + washer
2 Happ hole plugs (going to plug up the two closest buttons on the left to give more room and i like playing standard, extra buttons throw me off)
USB extension cable


3.5 should be the most compatible.

I think the color of the PCB is a toss-up (I have a yellow AND green 3.5v PCB).

The voltage is the most important thing to know.

I use the following and they all work for 3.5v and they work for 2.7 firmware:



And Kyle, I noticed in your converter thread. Someone got the 7.5v to work??


Good, the numbering system is a lot easier to denote than the color anyhow. I checked mine at lunch and it’s a Yellow 3.5. It’s compatible with most if not all of my converters.