Nubytech Street Fighter Anniversary Seimitus mod possible?


I got a blank case of SFAC & wanted to put a Seimitsu stick in there…Would this be possible? Is there a tutorial on how to do this mod? I dont remember seeing this in the arcademonk tutorial…


Ok i read that JLW will fit, so which Seimitsu stick should I order? Do they have the same mounting plate?

Difference between JLW & JLF?


I don’t really know the answer, but I can’t help but ask… why would you want to? For most people, the reason the Nubytech Anniversary stick is worth hunting down is because you can put Happ parts in it (whereas 90% of the other pre-fabricated sticks out there will only accept Sanwa and Seimitus).

Having said that, I’m sure it’s possible since there’s plenty of room in there, but I just don’t quite get why you’d actually want to convert one of the only Happ sticks out there into a J-stick.


I already have two SFAE Happ mod

I really love the casing, its like the perfect height for me…I dont own a Seimitsu so would like to try it out w/ an extra blank casing i just got…


Ah. Well in that case, you’d probably know better than I would as to wether or not a J-stick would fit into it. I know from my research in arcade cab building / customization that it’s not uncommon to swap out a Happ stick for a Sanwa or Seimitus-- it’s going the other way that has always proven problematic for Happ fans, since J-sticks have a much smaller footprint, both horizontally and vertically, than Happs, a feature which most pre-fab stick cases take advantage of at the expense of Happ compatibility.


So anybody got a tutorial in putting a Seimitsu stick in these?


I also wanted to do this before just to play around with it without having to buy another case. I was told that you would have to route out the mounting area to make it fit. Even after doing this they said it wouldn’t be the proper height. They dismissed it as a dumb idea so I didn’t get any more specifics.

If a Sanwa stick will fit then there’s mods to make the spring firmer. Apparently that’s the biggest difference between the two. This may be my Japanese part ignorance showing.


Yeah i never tried a Seimitsu & got an extra spare SFAC case i wanted to try it on…I believe Markman said he saw some people who did the mod awhile back…I just want to see the inside to get an idea of how it would look…