Nuetral game(getting around the stage): p-link dashing > web zip/air dash?



trying some new things for the simple fact that what im currently doing in neutral game isnt exactly working on people with matchup knowledge vs spider-man. with that said im gonna do alot more wave dashing instead of fishing for web zip cross ups… since im VERY sick of getting grabbed and helm breaker’d

i also decided im gonna play with a more of anti air frame of mind since realizing how many tools he has for enemies jumping in.

anybody else ever tried limiting their air time substantially even for running away? how’d it go?


You can block on zip as soon as its projectile hits something and propels Spidey forward. You can use the wall cling to zip/air dash above normal jump height avoiding jump OS grabs. If anything try to limit your use of air dashes or at least cover them with a good neutral assist.

How you move with your neutral is based on what assist you choose to play with along with what your opponent has and how he/she uses them. It’s useless trying to favor ground control when you’re running missiles as your neutral; same with spending too much time on sj height while you have a beam to keep your jump/dash/zip ins relatively safe.


i just think its better to dash in with a ground coverage assist rather than air dash/ zip… you get there faster for a potential high low mixup.

and im surprised anyone uses wall cling… never seen any decent use for it. maybe for running away and thats it.

and i think you can maintain ground control with missiles… just chuck web balls and then rush in while the missiles drop… granted you arnt dealing with foe with more powerful neutral game


Wall cling is actually great for getting out of situations n can create some mix up opportunities used right.

As far as ground control, Raoh is right about ur approach being based on ur assist. Missles has technically been more of an anti air assist despite its ability to extend combos in the end its an anti air at best. Plasma beam is more preferable if ur gonna b wave dashing or using rock assist. I know u said u could chuck webballs to help ur ground control w/ missles but vs Magneto, Chris, Sentinel, Doom, Deadpool, Hawkeye, Ironman, Taskmaster…these r some of the chrcs that have strong projectiles or strong projectile assists that would severely punish Spidey w/ missle assist.

I do however, fully agree w/ ur idea to limit some of Spidey’s air movement n utilize more of his wave/plink dash. Personally I use that tech all the time typically moving in n out of my opponents sweep n throw range. I suggest if ur not doing it already to get in the habit of dashing after ur lp webballs which create openings.

I’ve been trying to point that out about Spidey to players. Ppl may not agree but Spideys s.lp is faster than his c.lp despite its short range but its a great tool for approaching opponents to create rushdown blockstun by keeping pressure on ur opponent n if u need to change it to c.lp u can do that as well.


how could someone disagree with that? It’s literally a frame faster


Trust me you’d be surprised how many ppl don’t realize that n don’t bother to use it at all n will instead repeatedly throw out c.lp all matches.


It’s actually 2 frames faster than cL, 1 frame more + on block, has 1 more active frame and has a way better hitbox for confirming off hits. It needs a little getting used to especially if you’re used to confirming off random air hits with Wesker, Doom and Spencer.


So TRUE!!!


good to see i get more replys here…

ive been getting ‘lucky’ with s.M lately tho… mostly vs aerial attackers but thats nothing to try on grounded opponents…

as far as assists are concerned i use disruptor assist with magneto for ground coverage. and it goes well with web ball+dashing in.

doom missiles is anti air sure but it serves some decent lock down if you can get him in unscathed… i like to wall jump to get super jump height and making my way across the screen via dash+assist/ assist, Web swing H

my trick is to get within one dash away from the opponent and either dash in for a c.l or bet my life on the ground web zip,a.M,c.l mixup, then triple over head/mash c.l shenanigans. but im not teaching you guys anything new lol

but thanks for the pointers