Nuetral Throw -> PPP Aegis -> Juggle?

For those that don’t know, you can do Urien’s Nuetral Throw, mash out yer 6 hits, then do Aegis Reflector once he lets then go and it can hit them before they hit the ground…

Then you do tackle into blah blah blah…

What I’m asking here, is, Anyone got any good combos off this? I’m thinking MK tackle, EX tackle, HK tackle, MK tackle if close to corner?

Also, which characters does it work on? All I know is that it works on Chun (rotten whore!)

This seems real cheap… I must be missing something because I don’t see Urien’s doing it all day… Can you mash out of his throw right quick or something to make it hard to get the timing?

Hong kong brothers too.

My opinion: If your opponent mashes out EVEN A LITTLE, it makes his neutral throw a variable. Not reliable.

Combos however, if you’ve just entirely ignored this post until [HERE]:

Tackle to midscreen ub
Tackle hits x5

Thanks for the input… i figured as much…

EDIT : me dum

yo check this out…do his fwd throw, lp aegis, mp headbutt over then fwd mk unblockable…this is for uber scrubs who don’t quick recover.

Everyone quick recovers.

Remember, guys:
Aegis after headbutt is BASICALLY untechable. =)

lol you can’t ‘confirm’ whether ur opponent quickrolled or not. i guess that makes it a waste?

even if he didn’t quick roll it’s just 3 parries towards the urien to get out. <---- it works everytime but no one believes me until they try it.

i think that combo works on chunli and yang
if you know more… pls post here

Mmm, especially against urien. :sad:

I wouldn’t do PPP-AR after his throw. It’s a total waste. If you’re eager to use the AR just do it after them knocked down or as they recover and so on. You have better options so why go with the most shitty one? :rolleyes:

Well, it’s an unblockable 40% or so damage with EX, and 30% without (and closer to corner)… So it can’t be totally worthless. (maybe I could get more damage if I could tackle better?)

Doing AR as they get up and stuff is better for damage, but is not garaunteed like this one (although this one is limited by screen position -halfscreen or closer to corner).

If it’ll win you the round or they only have 45% left… why not? :confused: