nullDC 1.0.0 Beta 1.6 released

Dreamcast emulator just got updated. I’m suprised that no one is talking about it. Get it HERE

I generally use chankast for TDC :smiley:
but there doesn’t seem to be any major fixes or updates in this version.

I mainly use nullDC to play Marvel since I’m too lazy to take out my dusty dreamcast.
I think nullDC has Chankast plugin within. This new version is pretty fast.

the new version runs super slow for me. what the fuck?

fuck, and it deleted my mvc2

oh well… fucking gay.

is there a frame limiter yet?

edit: sorry double post

Yeah, it runs too fast. Sometimes it’s over 200 fps. So you have to use nullAICA as the sound plugin and enable “Sync to audio” under Options->Aica->Config. That is the only way to limit the frame as far as I know.

I got mvc2 running but it lags when I do super moves/combos. What settings can I fuck with to make sure it runs smoothly? I tried using the Chankast video plugin and it didn’t seem to make a difference. And the Chankast sound plugin caused my game to run at like 200% speed.

intel core duo 2.0ghz
2gb ram
geforce 8600m gt

Question… Does this emulator have a frameskip button? Sometimes you just want to fast forward through some stuff.


yeah… as of right now, the first release of it works the best for me for MvC2… every thing else runs better on the newer version.