NullDC...A new hope?

Well we were all pretty excited when hearing about how chankast could play commercial games. It being the only emulator that could do that and with such compatibility with only a few releases. But as we all know the emulator is unofficially dead(no updates or any info from the dev in over 2 years!).

But we may have a new hope to realize dc emulation and possibly online play.

Check out some info and screens on it here , and check here for updates on it


This holds alot of promise.

lets hope we get online mvc2 or online cvs2 with out lag… woot lolz

I would be happy with free online PSO :slight_smile:

That wouldn’t work the way you think it would.

Besides, there was a free online PSO servers shut down earlier this year. (They had free Outtrigger servers for a lil while too, I forget what you had to do to connect to their servers though.)

Though, we’d have to wait to see if it got net support, and how good it was, before all this talk.

“The developers concentrated on compatibility over speed…”

Good luck playing Marvel properly then… All we can do is hope…

Most emulators focus on compatibility first, speed second. Only because most people just wanna play their favorite games and everyone whines when X isn’t emulated, but as compatibility gets high, many emulator authors go back to streamline the emulators. It’s what happened with GBA and SNES emulators at least.

What is probably the biggest point of concern would be how long they stay with it.

The dreamcast had a lot of great games and it’s a shame there wasn’t a way that once sega shut their servers down, control could have shifted to people providing their own servers. (Since if I recall correctly JP versions of some of the fighters had matching service to play against each other.)

I believe it’ll happen eventually but it’s hard to say whether eventually is three years or ten.