hey fellas ive been running mvc2, cvs2, project justice (rival schools 2), skies of arcadia, jet grind radio, grandia 2 all with nullDC at perfect stead framerates, not a hitch at all. For some reason when I run my Dead Or Alive 2 Limited Edition (Japanese Game), the damn thing runs at 20-30 fps. Any ideas on why ??? I really doubt it is a hardware problem at all, I run everything else fawlessly, and my machine is defnitely up to par.

AMD 64 4000+
nforce4 chipset on motherboard
2.0 GB RAM
geforce 7600GT

by all means it should work, so plz tell me if it is game specific or what, or if i just need to change sum video settings on my gfx card, thanks in advance to whoever can help me out !

Im almost positive its a specific game issue thats to be fixed in the next null dc version.

See here… the speed issue is reported as fixed in the upcoming version.

Project Justice runs well, but not perfect. Doesn’t it go to like 30 fps during supers ?

ya but i dont think thats a nullDC problem ir anything, i think it did that on the dreamcast too, just not a perfect port cuz dreamcast < naomi

Definitely didn’t do that on DC, I am using the real game disc to play it, and if I put it in my Dc, it runs fine. Basically, its a new emulator, they gotta work the kinks out, so it’ll take some time.