NullDC good enough to practice MvC2 with?

When I moved to go to university I didn’t bring my dreamcast with me, and I don’t have a PS2 to DC converter anymore.

I was just wondering does the NullDC emulator play the game well enough that I could use it to practice?

Okay I’ll try it out then, just trying to make sure there wasn’t any inherent glitches with NullDC before I started hunting down the required files.

Dunno 'bout fighters, but it plays shooters like Ikaruga and GigaWing nicely.

You’ll need to make sure your bios file is named correctly. NullDC looks for a specific name (listed in the readme) and my bios files, and the other’s I’ve seen in various places had to be renamed to work.

marvel skips alot

the fps goes between 50 and 60 for most good computers so overall it isn’t the best method

craigslist a dreamcast and find a copy somewhere.

Eh I own a copy and a dreamcast, so I’ll just wait until I get a converter sometime then.

If your computer is good enough it will run a steady 60 fps. My PC stays pretty stable at 60.

Give NullDC a try, and just watch the FPS to see if its steady

i can play mvc2 on nulldc with my shitty laptop.(5years old) and runs w/o skipping on 60fps.

PCSX2 runs the PS2 version pretty good if you have the horsepower…

Wow! I custom-built a top-notch desktop computer about four years ago and it chugs a little during Hyper Vipers. Either your computer is powered by uranium, or it’s about time I give my machine a good cleaning…

Depends on the settings a lot.

If you know your OS well enough you can disable most processes and in addition make many changes to your computer from appearance to performance and set priorities.

To give you an estimate of the changes.

With all the shit running on my computer I can barely run Marvel w/ Capcom hack.

With everything optimized I can run Marvel at 60fps without Capcom hack.

Hey this is actually working really well for me, a few spikes here and there but since it’s just for practice I’m okay with that. I’m just wondering anyone got a fully completed save I could use?