NullDC+Hamachi= Lag Free CvS2,MvsC2

Hamachi is a direct P2P networking system that directly connects the users instead of using kaillera for matchmaking with delay or lag

NullDC is a dreamcast emulator of course that plays cvs2 mvsc2 and many other dc titles.

if both players have the same iso and the current version of the emu which is 1.6 then we should be able to have lag free cvs2 and mvsc

im willing to test this theory with anyone so if interested PLZ pm me or reply.this can be the start of something huge :woot:

too bad the netcode is shitty to the point where you can’t qcf

actually i can pull it off


u wanna give it a go aqua? i really wanna test this

hamachi can at least double the latency between users when compared to simple port forwarding.

ummm nulldc works fine without hamachi as long as you’re close to the person you’re playing. If your far away, it’ll drop inputs

well im just looking for some1 to at least try it with me

net play works fine? im in atlanta lets try it

I’ll try it with you but I have no clue how to play either of those games and I’m gonna need links. It’ll have to be later tonight though because I’m at work.


Do I need a beastly computer ?

You’re too far. You have to at most be a state away in my experience for it to be playable. The games don’t have delay, but they drop inputs like crazy if the person you’re playing is far from you.

i got cvs2 from they have everything!
and i already gave the link to hamachi and has the latest version of nulldc u just have to look for the bios files sry i cant tell u where they r at ill get banned my hamachi sn is ShowtimeEX. i get off work around 9pm est so we can do it then . and no u dont need a very good comp cuz im on a dell laptop and it works flawlessly

I think you better edit that first sentence too.

Nice! We are moving forward.

I played a dude in Socal (I’m in norcal) And it was laggy as fuck…

im in atl what specs i need

Didn’t nullDC release their netplay system a couple of months before p2p? I remember I was wondering if its the same thing as GGPO. 4 players SC system and not P2P?

well i prefer u have a fast comp it dont gotta be beastly(thats the new word lol) but it gotta be good. i got the latest emu from and i got the cvs2 iso from a website that has snes in its name(i apologize admins)so PM me when u wanna try it out oh and sorry i cant tell u where to get the bios from but google is your best friend

plus u need hamachi

Their netplay system is p2p, but it sucks over long distances. I dunno how it’s gonna work with hamachi though.

unless u have a godlike computer nulldc will drop animations and input on it’s own so over the net i’d imagine it’d be complete shit

btw my computer is a dualcore 2600 with 2 gigs of ram and a 256mb vid card