NullDC or Chankast on PSP?

I know this guy who claims he played MvC2 on a PSP, using emulators. Is it really possible?

He probably ripped the PS2 version of the game onto the PSP.

He’s probably talking about MvC (not part 2). You can rip almost any PS1 game to the PSP (modded) without too much trouble.

Yeah, he could also be talking about the cps2 emulator by NJ. You can run MvC on that, too.

So is MvC2 possible? (even if its the PS2 version)

Not right now, but truly, I don’t know if it will be ever possible.

Even if it was possible, you look like a scrub playing on some park bench. Get a joystick.

Now I’m convinced. I just found a video:


I don’t know who plays videogames on parks or on the street, but I sure could have fun practicing some extra fast fly stuff on bed, even with a pad.

So my question to all techies here is. How can I do it? Or where can I look for info about it?

Dude, that looks so fake. He keeps on pressing square to do beams and shoot with cable. Unless he changed the controls, you would usually use triangle.

It’s probably just a video he put on his psp.

That video is about as real as Burmese Democracy.

That video is GTFO.