NullDC Third Strike question


I own Third Strike for Dreamcast and use NullDC to play it.

Works great, love it, but my only gripe is that I can’t seem to see a way to keybind 3 punch or 3 kick to triggers.

I was wondering if there is a way to do it.

Any help is appreciated.


I can’t even figure out how to get my controller to work with NullDC. Is there no option in the game options to set the controls like that? I suppose you could use something like JoyToKey to use keyboard controls on your stick. I know you can set a button to do 3 keyboard keys per press with it.

Alternatively you could try a different emulator, or maybe even a different version. The game on DC is a revised version that never caught on, so it’s not the same game that everyone else plays. It might be worth checking out Shmupmame. It’s a great low-delay emulator for arcade games. Or check out fightcade, which has good GGPO online play and a lot of people to fight.

Either way, you’d have to download the rom though. PM me if you need direction for that.


Sorry that I don’t have any tips for getting this to work, but there’s really no reason to play this game on PC through any means except fightcade. Fightcade runs pretty well even on low-performing PCs, and it has the offline emulator in case you want to practice. They’ve even set up a training mode for it:


You could also use Shmupmame/Groovymame, but yeah, no reason to use the Dreamcast version.