Number 1 Thawk player in US

Firstly, please excuse my english spell and gramar. I am not very good. But I am good at using thawk. I got into the number 1 rank in northern us for xbox 360. I am looking for someone who I can play with especialy another thawk players. Please look for my gamertag: Shadekill. I would gladly accept your challenge. Cheers!

Just curious. What’s your PP?

Online matters? News to me.

I had 8000 once but came down to 7800. Also, I’m on like 5-6 spot now since I haven’t played for 2 weeks.

I had 8000 once but came down to 7800. Also, I’m on like 5-6 spot now since I haven’t played for 2 weeks.

I can’t take this post seriously. I saw a video of you against a Dudley earlier - you looked decent but you play hawk like he is super mario! Against good players they would hurt you for that. You also look for SPD too often. In some cases the online ranks mean something (daigo as number 1 Ryu), but in 9/10 cases it is as much about ability to grind as it is true ability.

Capcom need to sort ranked out as what god is a ranking system when you can pretty much choose the level of player you face?

A prime example of PP and BP meaning nothing is Phewbopilot. The guy spams Dive like it’s on tap and has no concept footsies or spacing. He was top for ages. Also does anyone know anything about MLG Veronica? Currently the number 1. I can’t find any videos!

Eh online really means nothing gents.

Agreed that online counts for next to nought.

For laughs, here was the No 1 Hawk on Xbox Phewbopilot (up until last week) - WTF!


The next “Van-hawk”?! haha just playing, that was corny as shit.
This guy is terrible.

wow, thats just u freaking joke. no.1 on live? whatta disgrace! i haven’t played a lot of hawks on psn ranked matches but 99% of the ones i have played do the exact same thing. i’ll be doing a combo and all of a sudden an spd or ultra out of nowhere cause of the non-stop butter churning. the real scary part is that they think they’re good doing this.

He take the advantage of lag.
lol Spam command throws etc etc etc.
What’s he is going to do offline?Has he thought of that?

Sorry one of those churners is probably me. ANd no I don’t think im good, i just know you will drop a link. Its online, everyone drops links.

Yeah, fuck that guy. He’s not equal skilled to top players in the game so he is just shit. Who the fuck cares if he was just trying to find opponent and has stated nothing but fact, let’s judge him by an opinion.

Umm, I don’t understand. You’re trying to troll me right? I never can tell.
No, I was basing my whole post on that video. Thank you.

Gridman, Allan Ceaser and I are the only good T.Hawks who play on XBL. Over 80% of them are absolute garbage.

Gridman and I also live on the East Coast so we will lvl up faster than a majority of you.

BP Amaoco is very good too. But he really is a Geif main so =/

^^ What part of EC?

I wanted to go to summer jam really bad but I didnt have the money. Next major ill be attending for sure.

I live in nj

Sorry but I do better in the blanka matchup than you. Am I the King of T.Hawks now?


Stupid self-appointed XBL pros.

Wow that’s one detestable Blanka right there.

Pewbopilot is a decent t.hawk he admittedly mashes against scrubs and it work for him, I really dont understand why.