Number of years of your SF experience and overall skill


SF community…

I’ve played S/SF4 for now exactly a year this month after not playing SF since CE on Genesis. I had NEVER played a human opp ever before this time. Not even in any other game. I lost my first ~200 matches online when a first started. Since I’ve improved to the point where 2000PP opps I go 5-5 with. 3000PP peeps, i go 2-8. Don’t stand a chance beyond that. Can only combo 2 or 3 framers 1 in 3 tries…

Sorry for the rant, it does lead to a survey type question.

I always wonder how many years the better players online have been playing competitive SF. I assume anyone in the tourney scene has proly been around since 3S at MINIMUM. But online folks that I feel completely unmatched against, did some of them start when i did? Or are they seasons vets?

There are dudes out there that have raw gaming talent and I imagine that any game they put their mind to, they can get pretty nasty at. I’m just trying to figure out where i stand and how much longer i need to get the eureka moment of “i understand the SF game engine”. I just wonder where i am in the relation to others on their SF journeys… I feel if these players that whip me royally have been playing forever, i can just tip my cap, but if they have been playing roughly the same amount of time as I, then i really feel like i need to reevaluate my 3 hours of SF playtime a day.


1 year and terrible.

I beat most online players I come across but that means absolutely nothing.


I’ve always messed around with fighters since the days of SFII, but never took them serious in any way. I only really started getting heavily into them about 1 year ago when I got my arcade stick and I am not very good. I have a win percentage of about 45 - 50% online, but that doesn’t mean anything.


About 5 Months and I am scrubby as shit. But SF4/SSF4 is my first FG so…


I’ve been playing very lightly for the past few months, my skill level is very low, and I am probably gonna quit because I am going competitive in a different game :stuck_out_tongue:


I started playing beat em ups 10 months ago with SF IV, and I mained Guile in the beginning :sweat:.

Now I’m playing Akuma consistently in SSFIV and I’ve reached a good level of skill (not a champ…but not that bad).

At least now things like FADCing, pokes, focus bait with shungokusatsu are starting to come out in real fights and not just in training.:rock:


Its not the time you have playing the game, there are tens of thousands of people who started played SF back at WW who still can’t throw a fireball on command.
Most of the big name players you hear about on SRK have been plying for 10+ years although some of the newer players have only been playing for a few.
The biggest factors are the quality of the time you put in and the quality of the people you play against, even as a new player, playing against and around seasoned vets will get you much better and in a shorter period of time than someone trying to figure things out by themselves, that may be developing tons of bad habits and just hasn’t played anyone good enough to know that they are bad habits. (playing good comp offline is also much more fun than online, due to all of the interaction that goes on while you aren’t playing.)
and then theres the amount of time you practice, I’m probably much worse now than i was 4 years ago when i was playing 2 games seriously because i just don’t really have as much time or like SF4 as much as those games.


one year and a couple of months, if you find yourself losing alot, find the reason why your losing and cover the hole.


I bought SFII for the SNES day 1. Ha… I didn’t even know there was a competitive scene and was totally shocked at the skill and amazing combos that cats could pull off when I first seen video footage of them a little more than a year ago. Now, I keep intending on spending more time with the games and learning the mechanics of SSFIV, but time is elusive and finding it has been challenging.


1 year and a few months but about 8 months I’ve been playing seriously. I’d say I’m pretty good for the Midwest/Chicago players. I do pretty good in tourneys top 16 at mwc and the people I lose to at most locals tend to be very good ie floe/big Marcus both top 32 at evo. I think sf4 is way less about combos than most people think.

IMO it’s about match-up knowlage and being able to see and react properly to what your opp is doing and setting youself up to attack. Now you need to be able to punish with something stronger than a jab but I don’t care if you can do a 600 point damage combo 100% of the time if I can set up my 250 damage combo up and you can’t set up yours I win.


I played SFII, Super at my friends place and Turbo at mine, we were kids back then.
Later kept playing Killer Instinct for the most, after that mostly Guilty Gear.
So you see there are quite some holes betwee these games. I also hardly played against others since Killer Instinct as I don’t know fighting game fans.
Then there was SFIV, bought it on day one and played online. Then got my ass kicked and had to learn SF all over again.
I was shocked and landed here to seek help. Reached ‘that point’ a few times where you think you got something goin on and get online only to get your ass kicked yet again. SRK man Maj’s site sonic hurricane dot com helped me out a lot.
As someone else in the topic said, you gotta know what you’re doing. Shoryuken - Don’t train hard. TRAIN SMART!!!


17 years on and off.
I used to play competitively and went to Evo2k4 and got top 32 in CvS2 on pad.
Katrina came and washed away everything and I had to focus getting everything in my life BACK in order.
Now that I’m in a point of some stability, I’m going to try my hand in competitive SF, from the ground up on stick.
It’s hard, but being on a roof for 2 weeks with little food and water was harder and if I made it through THAT, this’ll be EASY.


I used to play a ton of WW, HF, and NC (all for SNES) against the comp but I never had friends who were into SF like I was. I didn’t get back into it until 2004 when I realized there was a scene about 2 hours away from me.

I consider myself a mid-level player in HD Remix and low level in SF4. My personal best is being ranked 800-something on the HDR leaderboards but I think I got lucky with who XBL matched me up with. =o


3 years off and on.


Six months after vanilla, but I couldnt tell you what my skill level is. I have my good days and bad days. I do, however, understand SF4 quite well, but we all know knowledge isnt always everything…

I guess I feel like I suck, but that might just me trying to refuse any pride so that reverse-psychology forces me to get better.


Three years and how many PP?

OK, OK, OK… look I know PPs don’t really matter, but the offline scene is completely not available to me and this is the only real gauge I have.

I guess what I’m looking for is someone to confirm I’ve been wasting my time. LMAO. Stupid eh? I’ve always been a person whose needed double the time than most to get good at something, soccer, judo, bjj name it.

But I mean seriously, if you’ve been playing SF only since 4 came out and are a 4000PP killer online, I just royally suck money nuts.

As someone else said. I win 50 percent of my fights, but it doesn’t mean jack butt when you cant compete against killers. Match-up knowledge I’d account for 40 percent of my loses. I haven’t the slightest clue what do do against any of the new cast and Rose, lol.

@BP, totally surprised you’ve been at this only a year. Kudos my friend, Kudos.


that footies guide is amazing. thanks for sharing.


Ive been playing since SF2WW arcade…almost 20 years ago. Local 7-11 had it and id play it religiously

parents got me it on snes on launch and been playing fighters ever since.
Alpha, Marvel, ST, Darkstalkers, 3S… even a small amount of SNK fighters like waku waku 7 and samurai showdown…

Ive always just had love for fighting games and Id rank myself pretty high on the fighting game scale.

sorry if it sounded arrogant or cocky just being honest :karate:


I bought the game the day SSF4 came out without having trained seriously in any previous SF game ( although I have been fooling around there more recently ) and… I’m pretty godawful, that’s to be expected though.


I’ve been playing for like 3 months i’ve only got some points.