Numero Uno - 5.6lbs, 18g steel, polycarbonate

Hello All, I’m a long time lurker and buddy of one of the forum members here.

I just wanted to share my first complete custom with you all as appreciation for all the time people have put into the very helpful resources around here.

Anyway, its been a lot of fun. I’m really excited about making my next one.

I may not go down in history

… but I will go down on your sister.

April 27 Update

  • Custom Art on Vinyl
  • New Coat of Paint
  • Metal Handle
  • Special Grommet

Special Thanks

Steve at Custom Graphics in San Diego for the artwork.
Justin for hooking me up with the metal grommet.

I think this is called an exploded view? Except its been exploded for your eyes…

…instead of all over your face. :slight_smile:

Assuming you haven’t lost any of your fingers swordfighting, all you need is a 3/32 allen wrench to completely dismember my stick. Pun intended, I guess.

hex fittings…

5.6 lbs… and not an ounce of fat.

POLYCARBONATE, not arcylic top. machine set :slight_smile:

handle for easy transportation

thumbscrew design for quick cover removal

integrated velcro tie for cord storage during travel

very nice and clean, gj

gj doughnut!

i think i liked it more when it was all black though.

oh by the way, where did you order the lexan and rubber feet?

and what was the name of that metal store we used to go to?

Have I seen this before?
Look so familiar.

I like it.

I dont recall where i got the top and feet from…I’d have to look for the receipts.

The metal store is IMS.

Here you go.

All black.

Just how you like it. :wink:

I like the all black balltop setup better than the green balltop

It looked like you had a sunburst type effect etched on your clear panel from the second and third shots. That would have increased the awesome factor of your stick by a factor of two if it was real. :rofl:

Great build!


yep looks tons better in all black.

Great stick mate, seriously.
and 18g steel for a nice heft.
really clean.

Just finished swapping out the start/guide buttons.

thanks wowa… I haven’t weighed my peice yet, but I’m guessing its in the realm of 6-8lbs.

Worked on the pcb enclosure a bit today…

Everything fits really nicely …

More mods to come!

Has kind of a rugged look that I like. Like “I’m scared to beat this guy at SF4 because if I do he might use that stick to smash my face after I do” kinda look. That metal actually reminds me of a monitor stand on my desk I thought of turning into a stick case. The kind with the drawer on the bottom your keyboard goes inside. Anyway, looks nice!

nice stick, put some pictures in the i love my stick thread…

Sweet stick! Did you make the box or use an existing one?

The black on black logo is a really nice accent on that stick. Maybe if it were included on the visible side it would make it a little more interesting up there.

Great job!


You win! Awesome stick. How much did that cost you to make?

very nice


I made the entire box by hand from sheets of 18g steel.

Did some updates today, check out the first post for pictures.

What do you guys think of the metal handle and grommet?

How about it being silver instead of black?

I plan to have parts powdercoated in the near future, so I have the option of making these items match.

Don’t need too much feedback about the art. Just temporary at any rate… I have some other ideas I’d like to try now that I have a feel for the vinyl.

Stick looks hot, I love metal cases.

The top polycarb looks hot(lexan is a polycarbonate btw.)