Numerous Guile Questions!

I normally would have posted this in the general discussion thread but I see it hasn’t had activity in a while. Apologies in advance…

Anyway, 'been using Guile since I’m a classic ST player and he fits my style. I’ve had some issues dealing with the IV engine, though. A few questions:

  1. How do you guys deal with moves that quickly change the direction you’re facing? Sometimes you’re holding that DB to store Flash Kick, and then your opponent will land in the opposite direction. I realize you can still perform the kick but you’re no longer blocking.

  2. Some of Guile’s normals require you to go neutral. His st. mk AA and st. rh for pressure are examples, or am I wrong? Do you guys perform the move and then instantly revert back to charge? I rely too heavily on his bazooka knee to keep charge, but when I move forward it sometimes gets me into the best position to have opponent attacks go over my cr. fp AA.

  3. What do you do with full-screen bullshit? I faced a taunting Abel last night, he was just focusing my booms full-screen (I still beat him but it was fucking annoying). I mixed in an EX here and there to catch him off-beat, it worked. But he was a moron. Do you just sit back and use the opportunity to build meter?

  4. How important is it to know Flash Kick x FADC x U2? I suck at FADC’ing with charge characters, I’m more of a ST/old school lame zoner.

  5. Cross-ups? What the FUCK do you do? His flash kick is useless, it hurts more than helps. Of course you can block but my teching is horrible. When I time the throw tech I always eat 200 cr. jabs. Ideas? How are you guys timing focus dashes?

I think that’s it…for now. Thanks all!

Guile doesn’t auto correct properly in sf4, so you just have to expect the cross over (in which case, block the opposite way). And flash kick kinda sucks too (it’s not as reliable as it was in ST unfortunately). This being said, his normals pretty much cover all angles, so it is important to learn them.

You don’t always need to be charging. It’s best to learn to switch between charging and expecting an attack that you can reliably anti air with one of Guile’s plentiful normals. You’ll find a sweet-spot with enough practice.

What you want to do with SB mainly is bait them into one of the following:

  1. Jump over so you can anti air ( works pretty well vs Abel’s jump-arcs in particular)
  2. Focus
  3. Eat it
  4. Block it, then you go for a mix up.
    There’s nothing inherently wrong in just firing off sb’s from full screen to build meter though. Just be careful because a lot of characters in SF4 can by-pass them and once they’re in, it’s usually gg.
    Check out the Match-up thread for more info on Abel match-up and others (there is some kick ass info available!)

I personally don’t think the damage is worth the execution (and I can’t land it to save my life!) but hey if you can pull it off, by all means. I wouldn’t say it’s super important though…certainly not more than say solid fundamentals/spacing etc.

On wake-up, the only real options guile has is throw tech, block and delay/quick get up. Flash kick doesn’t work the way you want it to in this game :frowning:

The good thing is, Guile is actually pretty decent regardless. Provided your AA’s and spacing are on point that is.

Hope that helped and welcome to the guile forums; (imho) the greatest resource outlet on SRK!

  1. If they go for a cross up while you’re standing you’ve got the choices of. Crouch Fierce, Jump Back airthrow or fierce/ roundhouse. Or the newest of options that have been discovered. Wait till they almost hit you and use neutral roundhouse

  2. You’ll just have to learn to AA. AA for Guile is much more important than charge because when you AA you keep them off of you and give yourself some space.

  3. Just boom and if you want bazooka knee to a distance where it’d be risky for them to focus another. All Guile players throw full screen EX booms but this is honestly a terrible idea. Never waste an EX like that unless you’re sure it’ll hit.

  4. To me I find it incredibly useful. It may not give you too much damage but its still worth it because you get good position and a free safe jump after it.

  5. Just block. You don’t always need to tech. It really depends on the situation. Like if you have a decent life lead then just take a throw because if you eat a frame trap you could take soo much more damage than the 100 something that a throw deals. But other wise you’ll just have to learn how to tech and block slowly. You won’t get it easily, but it’ll come. There’s also a certain rhythm I find to teching. Like sometimes I won’t be able to tech any throws and it’s just because your “rhythm” could be off. Or if you have full super meter on your wake up, just do auto correct super if you’re really desperate to get them off of you. If you time it right you’ll get all the hits

You can hit most characters’ FA backdash recovery with backfist if they choose to FA a boom. If you don’t wanna take that risk, then it’s pretty much ok for Guile to throw booms and advance with anyway cos they are just driving themselves to the corner which is in Guile’s favor since he’s a character heavily reliant on spacing.

Anyway, aren’t you an E.Ryu player?

Rexell, is there change to U1? seem that 2012 version is different, whenever any character jump in from mid screen, I do a U1, I get to hit them at least once, now…it just miss or they can block it…

No, I don’t play E. Ryu. Anyway, thanks for all the tips - lots to digest. Definitely need to get used to deciding when to give up charge, think that’s one of my issues. I’ll post some videos in the thread ASAP so you can see where I’m at.

I haven played SF in arcades for awhile and I only have pc version so I dunno about hidden changes to U1. U1 timing as an AA in mid screen is pretty tight if the opponent empty jumps. If your opponent press an attack on the jump-in then they will have more recovery frames and U1 will sometimes hit them as a ground attack or not depending on your timing. You will usually get more hits from U1 if they press an attack. The hitbox of the opponent also changes depending on the attacks they use on their jump-ins.

On a note, some characters that are easily hit grounded by U1 on their jump-in attacks are Boxer, Honda, Sagat and autocorrect on Abel and Bison’s in the corner.

A lot of people in this thread have been playing Guile since vanilla, and getting good with Guile in SFIV takes a little work. Just get use to blocking a lot and knowing when to tech. Also start to look out for people who like to go for frame traps too. My general approach to playing Guile these days is throw booms, and the STOP throwing them when I’m in a range they can jump in. This is the most important thing. A lot of times I would eat jump ins because I threw sonic booms are the wrong time. Just remember always throw booms at a time where they can’t visually react to them, or they can’t guess jump over them. Also Guile’s GHK is awesome for people who keep trying to empty jump on their way in. It’s an easy 200 damage and a lot of stun. Another thing, you HAVE to know your spacing, so matchup knowledge is essential. Learn how to apply pressure with Guile by locking them down with his fast normals, but be careful because a lot of times people will try to jump over your pokes if they don’t want to deal with you on the ground. And the last thing, be careful of people who love to spam focus attacks. They’re especially annoying for a Guile player, since he doesn’t have any multi hitting moves. So you can’t always play an honest game of footsies and zoning at mid range against some characters. Some characters even have fast lvl 2 focus attacks, so be careful, and learn how to bait them. And get your hit confirm game down as well, learn how to convert random jab or cr.lks into combos. Guile has some incredibly stupid one frame links for basic non damaging bnbs. But Guile get’s consistent 150+ damage off his BNBs, and you take damage wherever you can get it with Guile.

can’t really put this into words. blocking correctly just comes naturally over time.

depends on the situation, but yea i think it’s safe to say that i’d revert back to charge pretty quickly in most cases.

depends how good the opposition is, along with the character choice. if they are on/above your level, or they are using a counter pick, just build meter and don’t get phased by it. if they are trash, move into back fist range and they’ll probably jump in on you anyways.

i think it’s way less important that people like to make out, especially if you can react to hadouken pressure with it. the damage is ass anyways…imo it’s better to keep ot stocked unless it was going to kill the opponent. and in a lot of situations, you can just chip them on wakeup anyways. naked dash ultra is more important. i can do both on stick, but i prefer to play on pad (and i can’t do this on pad), so i never go for either. it’s not the be all and end all for guile. he’s one of the characters who’s least reliant on his ultra…and this originally came about from how bad his ultra 1 was. naked ultra 2 is great against honda, hakan, zangief, shotos, rose, rufus and balrog, just to name a few. so yea, don’t sweat it if you can’t do fadc ultra 2.

you’re teching is horrible most likely because you are playing online. i thought my teching was horrible until i started playing offline and realised just how bad online teching is. if your opponent is clearly taking advange of lag to the point you know they are going to go for throw but you just can’t tech it, mash back dash and then standing fierce them in the face for being a gimmicky lag scrub.

Use the crouch tech option select. If they attempt a throw you may tech. If they don’t the crouch light kick will come out. You can link that into an easy combo.

Lately I’ve been focus dashing out of some cross ups. Its not always safe. Cross ups can be a guessing game so I always try to avoid knock downs as my first priority. Also, I notice that quickstand can be a bad idea during a cross up. Try throwing off their timing with a slow stand. Don’t be predictable. U1 and super can be amazing for corner crossups in times of desperation. Your timing is critical though.

Keep pressure on by following yours slow booms. You can build a wall pretty easy by beginning combo chains with them.


How do you practice your normals? Just pushing buttons in trainning doesn’t seem to make that difference to me…

Record the CPU jumping at you with w/e attack. Let’s say Ryu’s Jump roundhouse (hard kick)

Set to replay, so CPU is constantly doing Jump Roundhouse

Go through all of Guile’s normals, at different ranges, and find out which ones “lose”, which ones “trade” and which ones “beat” Ryu’s Jump roundhouse - and at what distances etc.

Do this versus all of a character’s jump ins and you’ll see your AA as well as positioning/spacing game improve 10-fold.

P.s: I know you wanted some help on zoning/footsies. I made a post on Guile’s sonic booms a few months back, I’ll drop the link and you can read it. Hopefully it helps your zoning game.